Go, Go Go!

Lottie has a new favorite thing. It's called "Baby Signing Time" and it's a collection of videos on YouTube that teach babies sign language to catchy songs. We started showing her the videos at about 7 months but she truly couldn't have cared less about them until she was about 13 months. We were hoping that on our long flight to/from Hawaii she would magically begin to be obsessed with them and want to watch them for hours, but no. She waited until about a month after we returned to decide she was obsessed with Baby Signing Time.

About 3 weeks ago, she really started picking up on some of the words and signs from the videos (much to my relief. up until that point I was concerned she was just watching them for entertainment and not learning anything!). She started saying "Baby" and going to sit in front of the TV when she wanted to watch the show, and then she started saying "GO!" and doing the sign she had learned for it. Lots of running around the living room yelling "Go! Go!" ensued (of course it stopped when I pulled out my camera, or I would show you a video. 

Funny how the Lord works. That same week, He told us to "Go!" as well.

A couple months ago, we had a family call us asking to see our house. We didn't have it listed for sale anywhere besides a "Make Me Move" on Zillow. We had assumed after the first showing that it wasn't going to happen, which we were fine with. But much to our surprise, that same family called us back and wanted to make us an offer on our house. We prayed, had an inspection, and...signed a contract to sell our house, all within about 72 hours!

We knew at that point we had to get serious about finding a new house if we didn't want to be homeless, so we spent every spare minute searching and looking at houses. We drove ourselves crazy because we are both picky about what we want in a house, and we didn't want to just settle on something because we needed to make a decision. We looked and looked and mostly crossed possibilities off our list for one reason or another. Too big, too small, not enough yard, felt like a fishbowl, too old, still under construction...you get me. 

Then we decided to go look at one that we had otherwise dismissed for various reasons, but we kept coming back to it. We went and...you know that feeling you get when it's the right thing, even though there is no way you know how it will work out? Yeah. It was that.

So we prayed some more and trusted God to work it out if it was His plan....and He did! He even so perfectly timed it so we only have to move once! So in April, the Shanks family is saying goodbye to our first house and to Pleasant Hill and hello to a new house with chickens! (Ha!) We feel truly blessed and totally confident in God's plan since He literally arranged it all for us! So wish us luck as we declutter and pack up our entire house with a toddler in tow the next month!