Thrive this Fall: Wellness Roundup!

Welcome back! So far we've talked about incredible NingXia Red and Thieves oil to help us support our bodies through the fall & winter season, helping our bodies defend & protect our immune system with good nutrition and awesome supplements, and a couple of amazing OTC products that are totally natural and effective. Today we are going to do a round-up of all the oils, supplements, and items we keep handy in our fall/winter wellness arsenal to keep us in tip-top shape. Keep this list handy for your wellness wishlist!


  • Thieves Vitality. We covered this one in this post for the most part. Remember - Vitality oils mean you can put them in empty capsules and take by mouth or you can add them to food or beverages! Down the hatch they go & Thieves Vitality does an amazing job at supporting the immune system! Woot!
  • SniffleEase is one of the KidScents Collection of oils - which means it is a blend of gentle oils specifically formulated to support little bodies AND it comes already diluted! I love these KidScents oils because they are named to take the guess work out of their uses. SniffleEase is pretty self explanatory. Other oils in the collection include TummyGize, SleepyIze, Owie, and GeneYus. :-) Anyway, SniffleEase ROCKS and I'll let you in on a little tip:  I got a roller fitment from Young Living and turned my bottle into a roll-on for easy swiping on little feet and forehead whenever we need it. 
  • RC  is an awesome oil blend that offers great respiratory support and comfort! This blend smells SO good (reminds me of Christmas), and it comes in the Premium Starter Kit so it is often the first respiratory oil that people get to try. It's awesome stuff! I love applying it topically onto my chest before going outside for a walk or run! 
  • Raven is probably the strongest respiratory blend, as it includes Ravintsara (camphor) and Wintergreen. Because it includes these stronger oils, it should not be used on children under the age of 6 - but it is GREAT for adults! You can use it to support your body and alternate with RC; they work fabulously together! 
  • Breathe Again Roll-On is an awesome supportive blend of oils that supports healthy respiratory function - and it comes prediluted and super conveniently packaged in a roller bottle! 
  • DiGize Vitality is an powerhouse blend of oils that supports a healthy digestive system! This blend gets in and gets to work quickly and while it might not smell the best, it is certainly worth it when you start seeing its benefits! This oil also comes in the Premium Starter Kit, so yay for you new members!! 
  • We talked about Life 5 & Life 9 Probiotics to support healthy gut balance - which is SO important to our immune health. 
  • We also talked about Inner Defense, which is our favorite thing to take when we are stressed, busy, or traveling. 
  • Not mentioned in the previous post is how important getting enough Vitamin C is throughout the fall & winter! Vitamin C is crucial to our bodies defending & protecting itself! Young Living has 2 amazing Vitamin C supplements - Super C Chewables and Super C Tablets! They both are packed with high quality Vitamin C, citrus essential oils, and key vitamins & minerals. 
  • NingXia Red is an absolute must for us, as I mentioned earlier in this post. Check out the videos on for amazing testimonies and info about this incredible antioxidant drink! 
  • Thieves Cough Drops - pure essential oils and stevia extract - that's IT! Active ingredient is Menthol that is naturally occurring in peppermint essential oil. So soothing and awesome for coughs & sore throats.
  • Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream - all natural pain relief powered by menthol from peppermint oil and methyl salicylate from wintergreen oil. Absolutely incredible relief on contact from aches, sprains, bruises, bumps, strains, sore muscles, arthritis, and more. If ya haven't tried it, you're missing out on an incredible pain relief cream without any chemical ingredients AT ALL!
Arming ourselves with these items in our cabinets and lots of healthy food, plenty of water, and making sure we spend time outdoors getting some fresh air, and washing our hands a ton helps us to feel great and supported all through the season. Nothing complicated or difficult. We keep it pretty simple and make sure we have what we need on hand to help us stay on top of our wellness. We are confident heading into the fall & winter and you can be too! 

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Next up in our series, we are going to be talking about winter skincare! Awesome products and DIY recipes perfect for fall!