Thrive this Fall: Supporting Strong Bodies

I'm usually one who saves the best for last, but I just can't this time. When thinking about how to structure this series, I just HAD TO start with my two favorite, must-have items for fall/winter wellness that are absolute necessities at my house. When people ask me what products they need to have to support their immune systems and keep their families well, I always suggest Thieves and NingXia Red! Let's talk about why!

1. THIEVES, man. If you haven't heard about this oil, you might be living under a rock - because it rocks (ha! see what I did there?)! Thieves is incredibly powerful. It supports a healthy immune system and purifies the air and surfaces. Young Living has an amazing all-purpose household cleaner made with Thieves oil that has literally replaced every cleaner in my entire house. We'll sing the praises of that stuff another time, because it deserves a shout-out of its own. But Thieves oil is a game changer.

We love to diffuse Thieves in our kitchen or living room during the fall because it not only does an awesome job purifying the air but it smells EXACTLY like how fall should smell. Spicy and cinnamon-y and a little bit citrus. Sometimes I even add a little bit of Orange oil or Tangerine oil to make it delightfully spicy-sweet.

We also keep Thieves oil in a roller-bottle with fractionated coconut oil to roll onto the bottoms of our feet before bed and before we go out in public (especially airports - gross). I even have a roller bottle with just 2-3 drops Thieves and the rest filled with coconut oil specifically for Lottie - since Thieves can be a little bit strong and feel hot, it needs to be extra extra diluted when using with kiddos.

Thieves also comes from Young Living with a Vitality label, meaning it can be used as a dietary supplement or added to food! Thieves Vitality is a-mazing added to some hot tea (my favorite is Constant Comment - it tastes SO good with Thieves in it!) & honey! One drop is usually more than enough because Young Living's Thieves is quite strong, but it is TASTY and spicy! You can also add Thieves Vitality to an empty capsule and fill with Carrier oil to get the wellness boosting benefits!

2. NingXia Red. We cannot get enough NingXia at this house! This juice supplement is incredible. There really is nothing else like it! Made from whole wolfberry puree that is sourced exclusively from NingXia, China - taking just 1-2 ounces per day gives you an amazing infusion of nutrients to replenish and fortify your entire body. It boosts the immune system because it is chock full of crucial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Individual testimonies using NingXia will vary, but when you take it consistently, you will notice how much better you feel! It is low in sugar, only lightly sweetened with pure stevia, and it has a very low glycemic load so it will not spike your blood sugar (in fact, quite the opposite!). Drinking NingXia Red will help your body function better overall because it will be helping to replenish and infuse your body with the nutrients it so desperately needs! We drink 1oz each per day in either water (sparkling water is my favorite!!) or orange juice. And at 11 months, I started giving about 1/4 oz to Lottie each day stirred into some applesauce or baby food. She scarfs it down and loves it!!

Using these two items has made all the difference for us in the fall & winter! We notice that we feel better and more nourished using NingXia Red, and we love the way Thieves helps keep our houses clean and our immune systems supported.

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