Happy Birthday Lottie!

People told me the first year would fly by, and at times I didn't believe it. And then all of a sudden, here we are celebrating a very spirited, spunky, funny, sweet little girl's BIRTHDAY! I am soaking up all of the remainders of her babyness because it just does not seem possible AT ALL that the teeny tiny little thing we brought home from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving last year has grown into the big girl we have today!

So first of all, we had our friend Melissa McGhee take some 1 year and family photos last weekend and I literally cannot get enough of them!! Check out how beautifully she captured our baby girl!

We had a fun little family party for Lottie on Saturday, which she totally loved. She loved that there was a big banner hanging in the living room with her pictures on it. She loved that the TV was playing a slideshow of pictures of her. She loved that all her familiar and favorite people were there in her house (although she pitched a fit when my sweet 90 year old Grandpa Ed tried to talk to her...).

I made a little "cake" (sweetened with just bananas & applesauce!) for her to dig into and she had a blast doing that! She was a big fan of us giving her something she could really dig her fists into!

Lottie liked having her cousins over to play with her toys! And even though she did not understand presents whatsoever, after the party she inspected thoroughly and played with all of her new toys. She got some new clothes, bath toys, books, some sidewalk chalk, some soft dolls from Grandma & Grandpa, a fun puzzle - all her favorite things! For my first birthday, I got an American Girl Bitty Baby doll that I named Sugar. My mom kept that doll and all the accessories for all these years and gave it to Lottie for her birthday! At first, Lottie was not too sure about the baby in the basket, but she has warmed up to it. Today she even wanted to get it out and gave it a kiss!

Words can't describe how much we love you, little one! You have taught us so much in your one short year with us. You bring us so much joy, and you make us laugh every single day. We love seeing you smile and laugh and watching you figure out the world. We are so thrilled with you just for being YOU, and we are so grateful to be your parents. It is so fitting that you are our little Thanksgiving baby because I am truly so thankful to be your mama. We made it a year! We didn't break you and you didn't break us (ha!). We had a lot of fun, and a lot of hard, and a lot of new stuff we had to learn, and it has been a delight to do it all. We pray that you grow up knowing how much Jesus loves you and wants to walk with you through your entire life. We love you unconditionally, and so does He! Happy Birthday, Charlotte Jean!