Lottie is 11 Months (And First Pumpkin Patch)!

 Our little Lottie Jean is 11 months old! I feel like this may have been the fastest month of my life so far. Time most definitely speeds up when you have a little one - and especially when your little one is a very busy girl! 

Lottie is all kinds of talkative these days, and her babbling is starting to sound a lot more like words. We know for sure in her vocabulary are Dada, Mama, Yes or Yeah, and Hi (always accompanied by a wave)! She can shake her head no and is working on nodding. She mimics all kinds of sounds and inflection that she hears us making, and we have even heard her mimicking tunes that we are singing! We know she understands what "No" means now, because she has started pitching a fit whenever she hears it! 

  Lottie now has her top two middle teeth and her bottom two middle teeth, and she is working on some more! Her hair has started getting a little bit more substantial in the past few weeks, too. She is still wearing 18-24 month clothes and in the last week or two is tall enough to reach into the refrigerator when it is open. 

Earlier this month I spent 2 weekends in a row at business events for Young Living, so Lottie got to hang out with Daddy and her grandparents for those days! I missed my little munchkin, but I know it was so good for her to be a little bit independent from me and be taken care of by others who love her. Since I stay home with her and we spend our days together, she is very attached and very much a Mama's girl. While I love that, it totally warms my heart to see her wanting and asking to go to Daddy these days, because they totally bonded while I was away. 

It is fun and makes me a little sad that Lottie is rapidly turning into a toddler and becoming less and less of a baby each day. Her will is STRONG and we are realizing that it is very much time to start implementing discipline and training to mold her into a person who respects and understands authority. She is very spirited and independent, curious, and smart as a whip! Daddy has been teaching her how to take a few steps with help from him or her little walker toy. It has been amazing to watch how quickly she figured out how! She used her walker toy to cruise all the way across our living room this past week - much to her delight! We think her favorite part about doing that is the celebration and praise we give her! 

Loren's birthday was this past week, so today we went with my whole family to a pumpkin patch to celebrate. Lottie was quite fascinated by all the animals at the petting zoo! Jersey cows, llamas, sheep, goats, a bull, and a burro. No surprise because this girl loves animals and is starting to learn their sounds. We took a hayride and then "tailgated" for lunch out of Grammy's trunk, where we were all pestered by bees that were interested in our food, and all the kids were terrified of being stung. Miraculously, no one was stung and minimal emotional scarring took place. 
I know I'm her mama and all, but I think she is beautiful.

Next month our little pumpkin turns ONE!