How the Mama App is Making the World a Better Place

I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for cheap, cute accessories. Since I was a little girl myself, I have loved all things sparkly, frilly, feminine - bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair bows, etc. And the cheaper they are, the better! When I was in college, I discovered an entire store that sold $1 Jewelry and it was my favorite place ever and I shared it with every person who was important to me. 

We decided to be surprised by the gender when we had Lottie, so once I knew she was a girl I was over the moon excited about all things hair bows and headbands and frilly baby things! One of my cousins told me over Christmas about the Mama App and how they had really cute & cheap hair bows - my personal history means obviously I was all over that, and now the Mama App is one of my favorite things ever! Read on for why it is seriously making the world a better place with all of its cheap and adorable things!

So baby stuff is super cute and tiny and precious. It also is super expensive to buy it in stores or boutiques, especially considering that it will probably only fit them for a couple months and the chances are high it will get dirty and possibly ruined. Babies are gremlins. SO, the Mama App is awesome, because all their items are super inexpensive. I'm talking baby shoes for $3 and hair bows for $2 including shipping.

How is it possible for all this stuff to be so cheap? Well, you have to be okay with it coming from halfway across the world. You also have to be okay with it sometimes taking several weeks to arrive at your house from across the world. No Prime 2-day shipping here. BUT - everything is SO inexpensive. My favorite thing about the Mama App is the absolutely adorable $1 hair bows for babies. I was super skeptical at first, thinking that this was going to be too good to be true and everything I bought was going to be terrible quality and fall apart and smell weird, etc.
But GUYS - it's not! The cheap hair bows and head bands are actually really, really good.  Below are some case-in-point examples of the super cheap, super adorable baby items I've gotten from Mama:

1. Super soft & stretchy, black & cream animal print turban headband for $1. I love how soft this headband is. I'm excited for her to be able to use it this winter to keep her ears warm, too!

2. These little lace & chiffon headbands with super blingy rhinestone centers for $1 each. These came in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, hot pink, etc. But I opted to get more of the unique colors like royal blue and a light mint and I LOVE them! The chiffon part has a nice, soft felt backing so it doesn't irritate baby's head. 
Yes, I was bribing her with food so I could get pictures of her wearing these bows. 

3. Okay, now I was SUPER excited about these next 2 pictures. They came in a pack of 6 different colors for $10. I have seen these exact same bows glued onto headbands in children's boutiques selling for $10 EACH. These bows have alligator clips on the back so you can attach them to whatever headband you choose. The clips on the backside are somewhat large, which is kind of a downside, but they haven't been an issue for us. 


4. I absolutely love this multi-color glittery bow headband, again for $1! It goes with EVERYTHING and I am super relieved that the glitter stays on the bow and does not shed everywhere like some glittery items do. It is attached to a white, super-stretchy headband and has a felt backing on the back of the bow. This one came in a gold and silver version, and I got the silver. I LOVE it so much! 

5. I saved the very best for last! This one, guys. This one takes the cake! For $1, we got this gorgeous rhinestone & beaded applique headband attached to a black stretchy ribbon. It also came in a variety of color options for the ribbon. It is SO PRETTY in person. Seriously, I saw headbands like this a few months ago and loved them, but they were selling for $20 each. I got this one that looks exactly the same for $1. ONE DOLLAR!

Other awesome cheap stuff I've gotten from the Mama App includes:
  • silicone baby bibs for $2 (as opposed to $8 or more on Amazon)
  • baby moccasin shoes for $2-6 - not real leather and not as high quality as the real leather ones you can find on places like Etsy. However, I refuse to pay $20 for baby shoes so I was thrilled to find cheap versions that are still cute and do the job. My kid never leaves shoes on for longer than 10 minutes anyway. 
  • a portable baby chair harness for $10 that allows me to securely strap Lottie to any chair. I LOVE this thing because if there isn't a highchair available or I need a place to securely set her, I can always have this stashed in my diaper bag. It folds up into itself in a little bag, too! 
  • Various plastic bath toys and kids toys for less than $3 each. Including one slightly obnoxious and strange light-up toy that makes VERY LOUD animal noises and says a few phrases in Chinese. However, Lottie likes it and it keeps her occupied for awhile so therefore, I like it. 
So there you have it. The Mama App - a somewhat strange marketplace of very cheap accessories and kids items that might take several weeks to arrive at your doorstep. I have to say, I have overall been very impressed at the quality of items I have gotten! If you're like me and love cute, cheap stuff for babies, check it out! I am not being compensated by Mama in any way and all of the opinions in this post are my own. I just wanted to share something I love with you all because I know there are some mamas out there who need to know about cheap and adorable hair bows for their babies!