$20 Off Premium Starter Kits through October 31, 2016

I sat on the fence for a long time, skeptical that essential oils would even work for me at all. I was super hesitant to make that initial investment to get my starter kit. It seems like quite a bit of money for something you've never even tried. I totally get it!
  • But now I know that getting that kit started me down a very important path of getting toxic chemicals OUT of my home and off of my body. It was a change that desperately needed to happen, and we are so much healthier because of it! If you didn't know - synthetic chemicals in our food & household products are destroying our health. The ingredients that are commonly found in our skincare products are leading to reproductive system, hormone imbalance, and nervous system issues. We often don't connect the dots because the marketing for these products does such a good job of making us feel like they are safe and beneficial for us to use. The ingredients in household cleaners are known to be poisonous and sometimes fatal if swallowed, come with warnings all over the labels about not allowing them to come in direct contact with skin and using in well-ventilated areas!
  • Getting my starter kit from Young Living really did change our way of life! It gave me solutions for hundreds of issues and opened my eyes to the incredible way God designed nature to benefit our bodies! It took some time and effort on my part to do the research, read testimonies, attend classes, ask questions from other people, do some trial and error - but I was committed that I was going to learn how to use them and use them well! Now I am an empowered mama with confidence in my ability to support my family's wellness. There have been many times since having Lottie that I have been SO grateful that there are oils in my home, and that I have other mama friends and mentors to help me along the way.

  • Being a member of Young Living has added so much value to my life! Our community of like-minded, supportive, encouraging, empowering oily friends have been one of our absolute favorite parts and biggest blessings of Young Living. Not to mention, they make it so easy to prioritize our wellness with hundreds of solution-oriented, essential oil-infused products.
    • Their amazing NingXia Red drink has helped us nutritionally & with immune support like crazy.
    • Their Thieves Household line of products (all-purpose cleaner, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, hand sanitizer, cough drops, etc) has allowed us to switch over TONS of our household products to safe, more effective versions powered by Thieves oil.
    • Their vitamins & supplements are top notch and infused with essential oils for increased absorption!
    • Their skin-care and personal beauty products are better than department store quality
    • and there LITERALLY is an oil for everything.
    • We get any of Young Living's products we want delivered to our doorstep (can I get an AMEN for that?) once a month in a super-easy customizable rewards program -- and they pay us to do it! On top of our membership discount (24% off retail), we earn an extra 25% back on our monthly order in points that spend like dollars. Young Living gives us TONS of free stuff every year just for shopping with them instead of somewhere else.
I want to help you start your journey. I promise you will NOT go it alone. If you are feeling like something's gotta change and you are interested in seeing what life could be like when you remove the huge toxic load from your body, I would be honored to help you find solutions with Young Living just like I did! For a limited time, through October 31st 2016, I am offering an additional $20 off the cost of the Premium Starter Kit (including Thieves or NingXia Red kits), plus my usual resources goodie bag and access to both me and our Facebook community for ongoing support. I cannot wait to watch your life & wellness begin to thrive!! Use this link to get started: http://bit.ly/hannahshanks