Why I'm Grateful for a Dinner Disaster

So yesterday was one of those days.

One of those days where I had to remind myself that someday I will miss this older-baby stage we're in with Lottie. 

On a usual day, I would probably tear up and give a hug to anyone who said "I remember/miss those days!" or "One of these days, you'll miss this!" because I know so deep in my heart how true it is. I find myself often thinking about how quickly the days are passing with her as a baby and sometimes I already miss when she was a teeny tiny baby!

Yesterday, however - I feel like I said "No No" a million times. There was a short nap in the car on the way home from our morning activity followed by a refusal to sleep any more. There was a short stint in a pack & play while I desperately tried to get 2 simple things done for a few Young Living members and fix dinner for some friends who just had a baby. That pack & play ordeal resulted in huge crocodile tears and loud wails. There was a very independent girl who wanted to play in the dog dish, open all the cabinets, pull herself up in all kinds of precarious places, touch all the things she's not supposed to (lamps, cell phones, keyboards, remotes, hot stoves and ovens...you know the drill), and also wanted Mama to hold her (and would wail if I set her down).

On top of all that going on, dinner ended up taking 3x as long as I had planned for it to bake. I had told our friends we would be there with dinner at 4:30, and at 4:45 there was still-pink chicken and hard potatoes. so we changed plans on a dime and ran to get pizza to take to our friends. Good grief. Never a dull moment around here!

While we ran to grab pizza, I was grateful for a few quiet moments in the car. I watched her in the rearview mirror suck her little thumb and babble at what she was seeing outside the window. Frustration and stress melted away from both of us. Sometimes my girl and I are a lot alike and we just need a few minutes to reset. The quiet moments allowed me to change my perspective, repent of my bad attitude, recognize her needs for extra rest and quality time, and keep pressing in to be patient and compassionate with her. And I reminded myself that this day was precious and I only get to live it once (and that yes - one day I'll miss this).

So, I actually ended up being grateful that dinner was a disaster, because it allowed me a few quiet minutes to settle my heart and refocus on what is most important. To choose gratitude instead of focusing on everything that was wrong. It's hard to be grateful for those kinds of days, because I could list off a laundry list of things that were making me grumpy and feel sorry for myself. But it's on the challenging days that our character is shaped and molded to look more like Christ - and that is what I'm after!