Lottie is 10 Months!

I'm not sure how or when it happened, but my little baby girl has turned into a curious little pre-toddler monkey! She is 10 months old today! She weighed in yesterday at 22.1 lbs and 30 3/4 inches long! She is wearing anywhere from 12mo to 24m clothing, and pretty much refuses to wear shoes.

This girl is so fun and so ornery. Her favorite thing these days is to make a huge mess with her food, or her toys, or even better - by emptying drawers, baskets, tables, and shelves of all of their contents. She is squirmy and wriggly and always on the go searching for new and exciting things to explore. She pulls herself up to standing on anything and everything and has taken a few steps along furniture. She learned to climb the stairs a few weeks ago, so now her favorite thing to do is climb our entire staircase several times per day. We are pretty sure she can stand on her own, but she hasn't realized it yet!

Lottie is an observer, and so inquisitive. I can constantly see her little wheels turning as she explores her world. She gets bored easily and moves on quickly. She knows all the things in the house she's not supposed to touch, and prefers to go after those things instead of her toys. She loves going new places because there's tons of new stuff and people to look at! She loves watching Super Why and Baby Signing Time, and the Royals. She is starting to like looking at books and being read to. She babbles and sings and chatters constantly and likes to mimic blowing raspberries and bubbles and says "Da," "Ba," and "Ma." I have a feeling she waits until she really knows how to do something before she tries it.

She gets frustrated if she isn't able to figure something out quickly, but before we know it she has totally mastered it. She has quite a strong will already, which I'm sure will be a means of sanctification for both her and her parents!

Lottie takes awhile to warm up to new people, but once she decides she likes you, she really likes you. She is a huge mama's girl, but she is finally coming around to loving Daddy and her grandparents. Verdict is still out on everyone else. She thinks Daddy is tons of fun and loves when he teases her. They make each other laugh and she loves to be chased and tossed around and pestered! We cannot believe how fast she is growing up and we are constantly amazed at the little girl she is becoming! She is such a gift to us. We love you so much, Charlotte Jean!