5 Reasons You Need Lavender Oil if You Have a Baby

Sometimes, babies lose their mind. If you have been a parent for longer than 2 days, you know what I'm talking about. The little sweet helpless cries based on simple needs eventually turn into shrill, demanding, "What in the world do you WANT?" shrieks, (just my kid? oh...) and - the worst - loud wails when they bump into (insert sharp furniture corner that you didn't even realize you had) for the 18th time that day. 

Sometimes my kid gets in a bad mood where nothing makes her happy. Her level of satisfaction with life plummets occasionally and the smallest infraction on my part or a piece of furniture's edge can totally set her off. Thankfully, I have a secret that's about to not be a secret because I'm going to share it with you. 

Lavender oil. Yep. Lavender essential oil (we use Young Living and here's why!) is an absolutely amazing gift from God that we can't live without in my house. Here are FIVE reasons why, starting with my favorite:

1. Lavender oil can take hysterical crying baby to calm and quiet in just a matter of seconds!! Since my baby girl is crawling and pulling up on everything these days, I am getting lots of chances to test this theory out, and I've consistently been amazed at how it calms a screaming kid down and makes everyone feel better. 
Here is what I do: 
*cue high pitched screaming fit*
Go get bottle of Lavender oil. Put 1 drop in the palm of my hand. Rub my hands together to absorb oil. Then gently rub baby's head and neck and back until she calms down. Within a minute I have always noticed a huge difference in both of our stress levels. The reason? Lavender is extremely calming and balancing to the body and the brain. Even the simple act of inhaling lavender can have profound effects!!

2. Lavender oil helps everyone get a good night's sleep. Again with the calming effects. Just one drop of lavender in the diffuser in Lottie's room makes it a totally peaceful environment. Now granted, my kid loves sleep (partly because we did Babywise with her, but that's for another post!), but like any baby, sometimes she fights it, and when she does, I'm always thankful we keep a bottle of Lavender and a diffuser in both our bedroom and hers!

3. Lavender is the perfect gentle scent for babies. When a baby is teeny tiny and fresh, you suddenly start second-guessing everything that they come in contact with and whether it's safe and sanitized. Their systems are itty bitty so you don't want to use anything that's too strong. All of a sudden, you realize that all kinds of thing have a strong fragrance that doesn't exactly smell natural. This is one of the main reasons we love essential oils so much at our house - they are totally pure and natural and safe alternatives to synthetic fragrances, so we use our diffusers or homemade room sprays to scent our house instead of candles / air fresheners / #otherrandomthingswithfragrance 
Even some essential oils are a little too strong for itty bitty lungs, so we used Lavender constantly the first 3-4 months because it is a very gentle scent. Perfect for babies! I knew it was safe so I used it in our room sprays, diffused it all the time, added it to coconut oil for lotion, wore it as perfume, and put it on our dryer balls. Now to this day, the smell of Lavender reminds me of a newborn baby! Awww. ;-)

4. Lavender supports happy baby skin. Anytime Lottie gets any kind of bump, scrape, bite, etc. - we put Lavender on it! Lavender is gentle and balancing and baby skin loves it! We use Lavender oil in our homemade baby wipes, and we add a few drops into coconut oil for baby booty cream and/or baby lotion! Lavender is super soothing to sun-exposed skin as well, so we always keep some in our beach bag for outdoor/pool days. 

5. Lavender is the "swiss army knife" of essential oils. I don't know if you've noticed....but my kid cannot tell me what she needs yet. For some reason this caught me by surprise as a new mom. I expected that it would always be obvious whenever something was bothering her so I could come to the rescue. Um, nope. It's always a huge guessing game. I've always taught in oils classes that "When in doubt, put Lavender on it!" Well, my friends, that theory has been put to the test in my home the last 9 months, and I totally stand by it now more than ever! When in doubt, we use Lavender. Calming, relaxing, balancing, skin-loving, gentle, and it supports just about everything in the body. I find myself reaching for it all. the time. I'm so glad we have it because a LOT of the time, it helps a lot! 

So there you have it! Five reasons you NEED Lavender essential oil in your life, especially if you have or are expecting a baby! If you are a member of Young Living - high five! If you aren't yet a member of Young Living - you are missing out on the best essential oils in the world! Send me an email if you'd like access to an online Intro To Essential Oils class, or a video class so you can learn all the basic info you need to get started using essential oils. Here is more information about the ways to get started and what you'll get from us as a gift for joining our community!

*I have to let you know that the information & statements in this post are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. Legally, only drugs can make those kind of claims. This is not medical advice. Please consult your health care provider if you are pregnant, nursing, or being treated for a health condition. You are an empowered parent! Do your research and make the best decision for you.