First Mother's Day

This past Sunday - May 8th - was the first Mother's Day that I was actually a mom!

Our church had baby dedications on Mother's Day, so we dedicated our little Lottie. She was a complete angel all morning during the parent/baby dedication class, and even all the way up until the service started. We usually sit in the very back of the sanctuary so we can make a quick exit when she starts being loud, but since we were dedicating her at the beginning of the service, we were sitting on the very front row.

I know you know where this is going.

Right as the service was beginning, Lottie's happy squeals and smiles suddenly turned to small cries and whines. She got fidgety and squirmy and decided she was supremely discontent. Loren and I exchanged many glances as I began praying that somehow nobody else in the sanctuary could hear her squawking. No such luck.

Finally we were called to the front of the church for the dedication, where Lottie squirmed, fidgeted, and fussed through pretty much the entire thing.

Yep. We have *that baby* - the memorable one that melts down during baby dedications and makes every other experienced mom and dad in the room chuckle.

Our parents did manage to get a few good pictures! This one makes me laugh because Lottie had spotted my dad snapping pictures and I think I was telling Loren that I didn't know what to do! HA!

By the time we back to our seats, I was sweating! LOL I'll blame the bright lights on the stage, but I think it might have something to do with trying to corral a loud, unhappy baby in front of hundreds of people for 10 minutes.

So it was a memorable first Mother's Day for sure! After church, we had lunch at our house for Loren's family and my parents. Miss Lottie went straight down for a nap after her performance at church, but we got a quick photo before that happened:

I absolutely love that sweet girl and her beautiful smile! She has such a fun little personality and is so fun to be around (most of the time). She LOVES to talk and is so interactive with us. She loves her mama and this mama is pretty crazy about her! I am constantly learning from her and I am so amazed and thankful for the front row seat I get to her life! She is the one who made me a mama - a title I wasn't sure I wanted until I met her. She is the best gift!