6 Months - What We Know About Lottie

Our little human is officially 6 months old! Somehow we blinked and half a year has already come and gone. It seriously doesn't even seem possible. I remember waiting for things to get "easier" at the 6 week mark and now here we are already at 6 months!

Part of me is a little sad and sentimental that so much of her tiny babyness is already past and she is growing up so fast. I can't even wrap my mind around it, really. (I sound so much like a mom.)
I have loved every phase, but this 6 month age has been my favorite so far. She doesn't seem all that fragile anymore and she has become Miss Personality with all kinds of smiles, laughs, squeals, coos, and sounds! We were reminiscing a few days ago about the past several months and how it takes awhile to "figure out" a baby, which got us talking about all the things we now know about who Lottie is. It was quite the fun list of things that I want to remember about her at this phase in her life, so I'm going to share it here. :-)
  • Lottie really loves sleep. Like, really loves it. (We love this about her! lol)
  • However, she really only likes to sleep 2 places: mama's arms or her crib.
  • Lottie does NOT appreciate being woken up.

Case in point.  
  • Lottie loves to grab her feet. 
  • Lottie gets ticked if she is on her belly for too long. 
  • She knows how to roll from belly to back but has only done it three times, ever. 
  • She prefers to roll onto her belly and then cry about it. 
  • Lottie LOVES her dog, Stella.
  • Loud noises startle her.
  • Lottie HATES being startled.
  • Stella barking is the only loud noise that has never made Lottie cry. 
  • Lottie loves to babble. 
  • She often tries to talk over us by babbling so loudly we can't hear each other, especially in the car. :-)
  • She loves being outside.
  • She loves going for walks - especially if she gets to be worn in the Ergo.
  • She only likes to be worn if Mama is MOVING. Otherwise - not a fan. 
  • She has the cutest little giggle. 
  • She is extremely selective about what makes her laugh.
  • She has never laughed at the same thing twice. We constantly have to come up with new material! 
  • She has always loved the DADA book by Jimmy Fallon and her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book since she was teeny tiny. 
  • She prefers to go to bed around 6:30pm. If we keep her out past 6, she goes into complete meltdown mode until she gets to go to bed. 
  • She loves to watch TV with Daddy.
  • Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider can always get a smile out of her.
  • She loves to suck her thumb!
  • Grammy Janny (my mom) taught her how to give kisses and now she loves to give big, wet, slobbery kisses.

  • She likes to put everything in her mouth.
  • Lottie likes to soak her clothes with drool. 
  • Lottie has loved staring at the ceiling fans in our house since she was about a month old. 
  • She has recently started making more "word" noises. Her favorites: "Ba", "Da", and "Ta". 
  • We're not 100% sure, but we have noticed that when we say "Ta Da!", she tries to say "Ta" in response. 
  • Lottie has always loved to "stand" and straighten her legs. 
  • Lottie loves when her Daddy teases her and does funny stuff like put her on the refrigerator or swing her around. 
  • Lottie is a VERY distracted eater. 
  • She gets sick of being in her carseat after about 2 hours. 
  • She is generally very good natured. Unless she's hungry or tired. 
  • Her little smile is so sweet and contagious.
  • She loves to take selfies with Mama

    maybe Mama likes to take selfies with Lottie, too....
  • Lottie loves to be silly!

  • If we try to catch something she is doing on video, she will immediately stop. 
  • She has us 2 parents (and let's be honest - 4 grandparents) who are just crazy about her! 

Lottie - Month 1 in Photos

I had grand intentions of being super consistent about blogging once the baby was born, because after all - what else would I be doing? I would clearly need something to do to help me pass the time with a newborn at home. HA!

Thankfully, this little girl has lived a very well-documented and highly photographed life so far. So, since I really failed at frequently updating like I planned, I want to do a series of posts with some of my favorites of the thousands of photos of her, month by month.

Month One!

Hello world!

Minutes old - November 21st, 2015. Approximately 11:00pm

Hours old - early the following morning after she was born. I could not get over how tiny and sweet she was!

1 day old. At this point she was under constant phototherapy in the NICU for jaundice except for feedings. We got to hold her only every 3 hours when she nursed, and then back under the lights she went. :-( Our nurse gave her a sweet pink hat that she wore whenever they brought her to us. 
 Daddy was in charge of diaper changes and burping in the hospital! 

Finally getting to go home! 

Thanksgiving night - the day after she came home. Since we didn't know the gender, we didn't have hardly any clothes. We were SO thankful to be able to borrow some sweet girl clothes from our family! I couldn't help myself - I had to put a bow on her!

Don't judge. She slept in a swing the first couple weeks at home. At this point we were still waking her up every 3 hours to eat (and then pump and syringe feed) so she was never unattended for hours and hours. But the swing's motion and the white noise it played put her right to sleep. 

Once we got home, we had to go back several times for a heel prick test to check her bilirubin levels. We brought her home Wednesday, Thursday was Thanksgiving, and Friday we got word from the doctor that we needed to take home their "Wallaby Blanket" and keep it on her 24/7 to help her jaundice go down. Every 3 hours, we nursed, then I pumped and we syringe-fed her what I pumped. We did that until she was almost 2 weeks old. It was exhausting and looking back it feels like one big tired blur. I'm glad we have pictures to remind us of what we did on those days! 

Even at 5 days old, she has always liked to stand! Here she was straightening her legs on her own!


Our sweet little pumpkin baby! 

Daddy's first day back at work! 2 weeks old. We were all excited when he got home that evening! 

She would often fall asleep with her hands in the air. 

 At 3 weeks old, one of Loren's coworker's Melissa did family photos for us! She did a phenomenal job capturing the sweet new-ness of Lottie and her expressions. We absolutely adore these photos now and love looking back at how tiny she was!

She has always been an expressive little thing! In the early morning hours, she was so alert and happy. I loved just sitting in bed with her and talking to her and seeing her start to smile and look around. 

One month old! Little Miss had quite the first month of life - phototherapy the first 3 days straight, then 4 heel prick tests and 3 doctor appointments, force-feeding with a syringe, having a Wallaby blanket strapped to her for 3 days straight, tons of running around to labs and doctors, and holiday celebrations on top of all of that! We were so thankful for our families and church family for their outpouring of love on us and taking care of us in our desperate, sleep-deprived state! Amazing meals delivered to our door, and family that frequently came and gave us a break to take a much needed nap! 

We were so grateful when we were given the all clear with her jaundice at her 1-month appointment. Not only because it meant that she had overcome that hurdle and was no longer in danger, but also because we were encouraged to stop waking her up at night and let her sleep as long as she wanted since she was gaining plenty of weight. She was obviously ready for us to stop waking her up, because she slept for 7 hours that night! When you've been sleeping in 1-2 hour increments for a month, 7 straight hours felt incredible!! 

I don't think I have ever googled as many questions as I did in Lottie's first month of life! I was kind of amazed at how much I didn't know about babies, and especially about nursing a baby and all that entailed. I had an app on my phone that helped me keep track of diapers and feedings that was a lifesaver, because I'm pretty sure I would have been overwhelmed by the 2nd day if I had to keep track if it them in my head! Any spare moment I got, I was googling questions that I had about diapers, weight gain, breastfeeding, nursing positions, the composition and color of baby poop, frequency of feedings, behavior during feedings, etc, etc. I was so THANKFUL for the Internet and all of the mamas who had gone before me and asked my same questions! I might have been totally clueless, but there was comfort in finding out that others were just as clueless at one point and they had survived! 

Looking back all the stress and sleeplessness and worry about doing all-the-things right from that first month has faded, and I am left with memories of a precious little baby who completely rocked my world and melted our hearts! Our little Thanksgiving baby. We had (and have even more now!) so much to be thankful for!