You Wash Your Face with What??

Once upon a time, I used harsh, drying chemical-laden face washes every single day, and I thought had I oily skin. These products left my skin feeling "clean" (read - dry) so I thought that they were working, except for the fact that I always had breakouts and oily skin.

Since I've been following a more natural, toxin-free way of life....I threw away all my face washes because I couldn't pronounce a single one of the ingredients and that kinda scared me. I bought several "natural" brands of face wash that seemed to work okay, but not great.

I finally looked into oil cleansing. One day, I ran out of the face wash I had been using, and I was in a pinch. I've been using coconut oil to remove my eye makeup for awhile (hello - revolutionary), so I thought I'd just give the coconut oil a try on my entire face and see what happened. I know, I was a little behind on the bandwagon, but it sounded totally weird to wash your face with oil and I thought I already had oily skin, so I had kind of dismissed it. Since being into essential oils and learning more about different carrier oils, it made a lot more sense!

Oil and water don't mix, you know? We all know this. Our skin naturally produces oils to protect and nourish itself since it is the largest organ of our body. If you've ever looked at your bottles of lotion or washes, you'll probably notice that 2 of the main ingredients are Water and Alcohol. These, among other weird ingredients and fragrances, actually strip our skin of the natural oils leaving it damaged and very dry, leading to over-production of natural oil to compensate. This is why I thought I had oily skin my whole life.

Oil actually dissolves oil. This is one of the principles I teach in EO classes about carrier oils - oils bind together and combine (hence we dilute essential oils with coconut or olive oil so it will combine and slow down absorption, etc). So when you think about washing your face, you need something that will help to pull away the oil and the dirt and makeup that gets trapped on your face without being harsh or drying. Cleansing with an oil to bind with the oil and impurities on our face makes perfect sense! And since we are using an oil instead of a stripping agent, our skin is left undamaged and moisturized when we're done.

I use a dab of castor oil and coconut oil to wash my face about 3x per week now and I absolutely LOVE it. It moisturizes while it pulls makeup and oil off my skin, leaving it cleansed, but not dry! I don't have any flakey, weird patches on my face during the winter anymore. My skin feels conditioned and supple. And my breakouts are MUCH fewer and far between, and I know that they are tied to poor food choices rather than clogged pores and oil build-up under the skin.

I moisturize my face after cleansing with jojoba oil that I add a drop of Frankincense too. 

About 3-4x per week, when I don't feel like taking the time to do oil-cleansing, I use Young Living's amazing ART line of skincare. This is a 3-step system that comes with a gentle foaming cleanser, refreshing (not drying) toner, and a light moisturizer. This trio of products makes my skin feel absolutely divine - refreshed, clean, and glowing. Seriously, it is amazing stuff. I have had no adverse reactions to using any of the products and my skin has only continued to improve since using it! No going back for this girl! 

I also apply a drop of Geranium and Vetiver to any blemishes or potential blemishes. The way those 2 oils work on blemishes BLOWS MY MIND. I have had multiple times that I have applied Geranium & Vetiver to a zit before bed, and woken up the next morning with it gone. The combination sounds (and smells) weird. I know. But seriously, when you find something that can zap zits this effectively, you use it no matter how it smells! Vetiver is also very calming (many people use it for attention issues!), so it's great to apply before bed. Goodnight, world! Goodbye, zits! 

I love the way my skin feels using this new routine instead of using harsh soaps and lotions. 

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