Oily Accessories: a Thirty-One Baubles & Bracelets review (and a giveaway!)

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We stuffed our faces at multiple family gatherings, gave and received some wonderfully happy things, and overall enjoyed the time off with family and friends and to celebrate Jesus. 

Now that the holiday is over, my attention is turning fully to getting organized and prepared for 2015. It's a little bittersweet to say goodbye-for-now to the holiday season, but I love the anticipation and planning that goes into a new year! 

I really think that being successful at staying organized comes down to having the right tools that work for you. There are only a handful of things that go with me everywhere I go - my purse, a water bottle, and my oils! 

Carrying oils with you at all times can present quite the predicament since they come in tiny, round, glass bottles. I have tried the "toss them into your purse" method before, which quickly turns into oil bottles constantly rolling around in your bag and easily causes leaks. 
I have also tried various makeup bags, which work okay in a pinch but soon turns into just a smaller version of oils crashing around in a bag. 

So the quest for the best "oil bag" ensues. 

My awesome friend Mary Ellen is a consultant for Thirty-One bags. She is a fellow Young Living oiler, so she knows the struggle of the oil bag. She was so sweet to ask if I would want to give Thirty-One's Baubles & Bracelets bag a try for toting my oils around - and I am always game to try a new bag! 

She even let me choose from a variety of patterns! I chose this super cute black/white chevron one:


Super adorable, right? I loved the small size (2.5"H x 5.25"W x 3.25"D) and that the material was a nice slick finish. And the best part was that it fit an impressive amount of oils inside, and the sturdy construction of the bag kept them standing upright and organized at all times! 

I can carry a mixture of 5ml and 15ml oils, and it is the perfect length to carry Young Living's handy roll-ons, too! I love the roll-ons, but they were always causing problems in other bags I have tried  since they are so tall and thin. The Baubles & Bracelets bag completely solved that little issue!

The bag is originally intended to carry jewelry, so it comes with 3 organza bags to prevent tangling necklaces. It also has 2 straps attached to the inside lid so you can transport earrings and other small pieces of jewelry without worrying about breaking or damaging them! Cool, huh?
Next time I travel I'm gonna have to decide if I need this case more for oils or jewelry!
(Goodness knows I have quite the collection of both!)

If you're looking for a handy little carrying case to keep your oils safe in your purse, the Baubles & Bracelets bag is available for just $20! And of course there are tons of other wonderfully cute and well-designed bags from Thirty-One. If you are looking for something specific, Mary Ellen is your gal!

Mary Ellen is offering 10% off any orders from Shanks For The Memories readers! This offer is only valid through this weekend only (ends January 5, 2015 at 1:59AM CST) . 
Here’s how to place an order and qualify for 10% off:
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::Please note: Mary Ellen will have to manually deduct the 10% off after the online event is closed so you won’t see the 10% discount until after she manually submits the orders.

AND she has so graciously offered to do a GIVEAWAY for a FREE Baubles & Bracelets bag to one of you!! YAY YOU!

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