High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! 

Linkin up with The Lauren Elizabeth to share my top five things from this week!

1. Gorgeous weather. This is one of my favorite parts of the year with all the sunshine and brisk temperatures! 

2. Winter Squash. I get a little obsessed with squash when it starts appearing in markets in the fall. We've been trying all kinds of new squashes lately because I went a little nuts when they all went on sale recently. Last week I roasted a kabocha squash  which turned out tasty. And this week I roasted a delicata squash, which was amazing. It reminded me a lot of a sweet potato, except a little sweeter. All I did was drizzle with coconut oil and salt and roast for 30 minutes! Squash candy. So good.
Butternut Friend
3. Royals! Ok so I am totally a fair-weather fan and really (still) don't care much for baseball. But it is WAY exciting to live in KC these days! We can ALL relate on some level with a good underdog story and the Royals have one of the best! I think it's pretty cool all the people who have stuck with the Royals as loyal die-hard fans for so long, and now all their dreams for their team are coming true! 

4. Engage-iversary! Yesterday marked 5 years from the day we got engaged! So fun to look back at all the pics from that season of life and reminisce. It was definitely the best choice I ever made! I would say yes a million times over again! 

5. My hubby's birthday is tomorrow! I just love him. He is always way more concerned about others than himself, and even more so when it's his birthday. We have a weekend full of celebrating planned - and a few college and NFL football games in there, too. I'm excited to have some time off together this weekend and enjoy this beautiful fall weather! And eat paleo chocolate cake. Yeah, that too. 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!