Granola-Dipped Apple Slices (Kid-friendly!)

If I had to pick a favorite food, I think it would be apples. I love them year-round, but especially in the fall when they are all in season! Apple butter, apple sauce, sauteed apples - these are a few of my favorite things. But by far my favorite way to eat an apple is raw...with nut butter! 

I eat an apple and peanut butter frequently as a pre-workout snack. We got a bag of this amazing chocolate-strawberry granola at Costco last week, and I was struck with inspiration:

This could be a healthy-ish alternative to caramel apples that are popular around this time of year!  Plus it is totally cute, fun food and who doesn't like that! For those of you who like to let your kids help make their own food, this would be a totally easy and fun little project 
that little hands could help with!

I used an apple slicer and then cut each of the wide slices in half to make thinner slices 
(optional unless you're weird like me). 

Once your apple is sliced, use a butter knife to spread a little bit of peanut butter onto one side of each apple slice. 

In a separate bowl or plate, pour out some granola for dipping. Once your apple slice has been peanut butter-ized, dip it PB-side down into the granola and wiggle it around a little bit 
to make sure it sticks. 

You could use a variety of toppings like shredded coconut, raisins, chopped nuts or chocolate shavings and let kiddos completely customize their snack! Obviously, you can also use almond butter or any kind of nut butter you wish if you don't do peanuts. 

Easy-peasy and CUTE, right? Hope you are enjoying beautiful apple season, wherever you are!