Essential Oil Drawer Inserts

My husband is pretty much the best. He is super supportive of my essential oil habit and is gracious to let me go out and teach classes and spend time with my team and others. He even *sometimes* uses the oils himself!!

Several months ago, I asked if we could convert a drawer in our kitchen to somehow store all of our oils in an organized way. I was getting sick of oils being literally all over the house and never having a "home" where we could find what we needed quickly. He went downstairs and drilled some holes into a piece of plywood and cut it to fit one of our kitchen drawers, and I was thrilled!

It didn't take me very long to fill up every hole with an oil and we were out of room. Oops.

THEN he decided to make all of our wildest dreams come true and came up with the new and improved version of the oil drawer using a drawer organizer insert.

The end result is AMAZING, as you can see, and fits 101 different bottles of oil, plus has extendable sides so you can fit your capsules, sample bottles, carrier oil, and other accessories all in one place!

It is made of bamboo with a solid wood insert in the middle where he has drilled the holes which fit the 5ml and 15ml bottles perfectly! When I saw how awesome it was, I told him he needed to offer to make them for other people, too! He is selling them via an Etsy shop, and you can have him make one for you for $75 here!

 Each drawer will come with a set of the bottle labels from Young Living so you can easily see the names of your oils on top of the cap (best idea ever!).

I can't tell you how nice it is to have all of our oils in one place with all of our accessories right there with them! It makes choosing an oil so much easier and if one of us needs to use one, we aren't asking or wondering what happened to the oil we need! Plus it looks impressive to roll out a whole kitchen drawer full of oily goodness.

Now you know what you want for Christmas, right?!

If you have questions about the drawers or about Young Living essential oils, send me an email at, visit me here or contact Loren through Etsy! (If you are local, contact us FIRST before paying for shipping!)