High Five for Friday!

This particular Friday deserves a particularly excited high-five, because I am sorely in need of a weekend! If you could have seen me at 6:30 (just kidding, I overslept) 7:30 this morning you would understand.

I'm linking up with Lauren over at The Lauren Elizabeth blog to share 5 things about this week.

1. We've had tons of activities going on lately! Sometimes it feels like hubby and I just pass each other briefly on our way to the next thing. It's all good stuff and such is life, but I am really really looking forward to not having any major plans this weekend. At least not ones that involve working!

2. It seems like fall came a little early this year, which I am totally okay with. Even though we had a really mild summer, it is so nice that the temperatures are cool enough to leave the windows open and enjoy being outside. Last weekend, we decided we HAD to do something to enjoy the perfect weather so we headed out to play some disc golf! Our little podunk town doesn't have many things to offer, but it does have a beautiful disc golf course surrounding the city lake. We took our dog and let her run (kind of) free in the fields and threw frisbees at baskets for awhile. I'm realizing more and more that being outdoors and doing something active is so good for you. Duh, kids know this that's why they love playing outside! I was never an active kid and always hated exercise until a few years ago, so it's a whole new experience to me to love being outdoors. Being in nature is good for the mind, emotions, and soul.

3. Some good friends of ours started an awesome little "support group" for those who want to learn more about eating a Paleo/Real Food lifestyle. Our first meeting was this past week and it was SO good I wish everyone in the world could have been there!! We shared resources and ideas and tips with each other and I came away even more inspired to be intentional about how I approach nutrition. (I'm sure I annoy the heck out of people who don't care one iota about nutrition and real food and natural lifestyle. Sorry. Maybe I was sent to be a thorn in your flesh...)

I had a rotisserie chicken in the back of the car and she was sniffing like crazy trying to figure out where it was! If this face doesn't make your day, I don't know what will. (It makes mine!)

5. Black bean brownies. I made a batch on Sunday from Chocolate Covered Katie  and then tried a different recipe that a friend brought to small group on Tuesday night. Both were super chocolatey and fudgey and so hard to believe that they had black beans in them! I just love things like that where you can hide good stuff in something indulgent. Makes it feel a little bit less bad. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!