Memory Lane: First Day of College

The last few days, my social media feeds have blown up with pictures of kiddos going back to school. It makes me almost kind of miss school! Almost.

I was reminiscing with myself today about school and college days, and remembered a pretty hilarious story about my first day of college at SBU. It had been a beautiful August weekend in Bolivar, but on Monday when classes started, we woke up to rain.

No worries. I was prepared with an umbrella!

I got up early and put on a cute outfit for the first day of school, and made sure I was all organized and prepared. I even left early to go to breakfast before my 9:00am class.

On my way in to the cafeteria, I gracefully tripped and fell into a puddle and got an entire leg of my jeans soaking wet and covered in mud. Not exactly the ideal way to start off a new semester in a brand new place.

So...instead of breakfast, back to the dorm I went to change my clothes.

Donning outfit #2 of the day, I decided to drive to my class instead of walk since it was still raining, figuring I could at least walk with my umbrella through the parking lot and make it to class relatively unscathed by the morning's events.

While I was changing my clothes and driving across campus to class, the rain decided to flip the switch to monsoon and started coming down in torrents. Awesome. I pulled into the parking lot and couldn't even hear the radio in my car because the rain was so loud outside.

Is it better to be late on the first day of class, or to arrive soaking wet? I was torn. There were really no good options left for making good first impressions on professors and classmates!

I decided to make a run for it. Convincing myself it sounded like it was "letting up" (it wasn't), I opened the door, whipped out my umbrella and ran for it! About 3 seconds into my sprint through the torrential rain, my umbrella flipped inside out and rendered itself completely useless, so that was nice.

I arrived to my very first class looking like I had just stepped out of a fully clothed shower. Not a single inch of me was dry. Thankfully, other classmates also arrived wet....but nobody looked quite as soaked as I felt.

Oh, but it gets better still! My first class that day was Introduction to Public Speaking.
And everyone knows that in a college speech class, the very first day is impromptu introduction speeches.
Yep. That's right.
I gave my first college presentation looking like a wet dog.

Humble pie was served that day.

Thankfully, I can look back and laugh now at how ridiculous that day was!
Hopefully your back to school days go better than mine!