Taking Stock

This post kind of reminds me of Xanga, which was an awesome blog site back in the old days and I was a much more consistent blogger about the drama and angst of teenage me. Thankfully everyone lost their passwords to Xanga around the same time we all got sick of each other's drama and grew up, and so we no longer have those blogs anymore.

Anyway, I read Kate's blog and she posted this and got the idea from this blog, which I've never read. I thought it was cute so I decided to do it, too!

Making : plans to learn how to make kombucha next week with a friend! so looking forward to making our own and experimenting with flavors, and saving a ton of money by not buying kombucha anymore.
Cooking : Chocolate Avocado Cookies...recipe to come
Drinking : water, water, water. because i drink too much coffee, coffee, coffee.
Reading : Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. Highly recommend. And Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by Dr. David Stewart.
Wanting : for God to change my heart on some things.
Looking : for new opportunities...an open door, a change in course...
Playing : this weird puzzle game on the iPad where you connect colored dots to each other without them crossing or touching. it is boggling.
Wasting :  food is the worst. :-(
Sewing : nothing but I have a sewing machine and half a closet of clothes that are too big so I wish I was a better seamstress!
Wishing : that abs weren't made in the kitchen, because chocolate avocado cookies are in the kitchen.
Enjoying : the long summer days where it is light outside until 9pm. there are only a handful of these days each year and they are my favorite.
Waiting : on The Lord.
Liking : that we very rarely have a need to go to Wal-mart anymore.
Wondering : what the future holds?
Loving : new and old friendships that are becoming so rich

Celebrating : four years of marriage with my love

Hoping : that I can reach a goal I have set for myself before the end of August.
Marvelling : at how smart my dog is.
Needing : a highlight and haircut
Smelling : Lavender...Stress Away...Dragon Time...Peppermint.
Wearing : shorts comfortably for the first time in my life.
Following : all the Young Living convention happenings this week and wishing I could have been there!
Noticing : a lot of hurting people in the world.
Knowing : that my attitude is always a choice
Thinking : about God's sovereignty and providence.
Feeling : sticky.
Bookmarking : www.seedtoseal.com
Opening : hopefully packages from Amazon with my kombucha tea and glass bottles!
Giggling :  with my husband - always.

And a picture of my Stella hugging my arm with both paws.