Sunburn Relief with Essential Oils

While in Jamaica earlier last month, we were a little naive when it came to how strong the sun was there. Our first day was cloudy, so we stayed and played in the sun way too long, and paid for it with a pretty bad sunburn. Ouch!

Obviously, I brought my oils with me, so I was prepared with a brand new bottle of Lavender in case a sunburn happened. As it turns out, we definitely needed it and used almost the entire bottle!

I had also packed an aloe vera gel that I had bought from a health food store. Most aloe vera gels in stores have alcohol as their primary ingredient along with a long list of other sketchy ingredients that are hard to pronounce. The one I brought was 99% pure aloe with water and a few other natural ingredients.

Here's what I used on my poor, abused, sunburned skin - and within 24 hours it was no longer painful or pink, and by the end of the week had turned mostly to tan skin!

I layered those 4 items over the pink areas in that order, topping off with coconut oil to seal in moisture. I reapplied every hour or so the first night, mostly because the peppermint felt so good against my hot skin! If I had been at home, I would have used apple cider vinegar to help take the burn out even more! 

This felt so much better than just slathering on aloe vera gel from the drugstore that makes your sunburn feel worse after a few minutes of relief because it is robbing your skin of moisture. Sunburned skin will become very dry and start to flake anyway, so it's very important to keep it moisturized! Hope this helps you get prepared for the sunny summer days ahead! 

BTW - It's best to avoid sunburn at all, so take care of your skin, wear a hat, and know when to get out of the sun! 

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