Make your own...nut butter!

The other day, as I was eating the last of the nut butter in the entire house again, I was complaining to my husband that it feels like we run out of nut butter every 3.5 days. It happens frequently, okay?

We had a short, unproductive conversation about our VitaMix blender and the fact that we were pretty uneducated about what it could do besides make smoothies...

I went to hang out with a friend at the pool for the afternoon, and pretty soon I got a text with a picture of a 3lb bag of almonds and a question: Should I roast these before I make almond butter?

Oh boy.

I honestly didn't know but I guess the answer was yes, because about 30 minutes later I received this picture:

Ta da! Roasted almond butter! 
Literally just almonds freshly roasted and blended in the VitaMix. 
He said it took less than a minute. 
And he watched several YouTube videos before he did it. 

I'm seriously impressed, because this stuff turned out SO creamy and gooey - the perfect consistency that always seems to be lacking in almond butter, am I right? We think the texture has something to do with the fact that the almonds were piping hot when they were blended. 

Either way, he totally did it right because it is delicious. We figured that roughly 3 cups of roasted almonds made a little over 2 cups of almond butter. SUPER inexpensive considering you can usually find almonds on sale in bulk at health food stores.

Next up we are thinking cashew butter. Holy moly. 

Also, to clear up confusion, we had heard that the VitaMix blender 64oz pitcher was for "wet" ingredients and if you wanted to make your own flours or grind nuts, you would need to purchase their "dry" container for blending. I guess we decided to take a risk and used our wet pitcher to make almond butter and it worked out great! 
However, our almonds were very warm and probably a little soft from roasting, so I would not recommend trying to blend up rock hard nuts in your VitaMix without doing a little research first. 
Show some love to the VitaMix, people. 

Coming soon: we are in the process of starting to make all kinds of things on our own...including kombucha, water kefir, and almond milk! I could not be more excited about spending less money at the grocery store and having fruity fizzy probiotic drinks in my fridge!