what better way to get back into blogging than by posting a random list of things, right?

1. we recently returned from 5 days in Jamaica, which was so fun and relaxing and beautiful. I will post more about what we did and pictures soon! really we just laid around on the beach/pool every day, so it'll be a short post.

2. I didn't realize it while I was there, but ever since we got back, I have had Bob Marley songs constantly running through my head. I find myself humming or singing them when I wake up and at random times throughout the day. At any point in time, "One Love...." is very close to mind. I am wondering when this is going to stop?

3. We are almost out of nut butter in our house. Considering I eat an apple with nut butter almost every day of my life, this is going to be a problem soon. My favorite kind of almond and peanut butter is the kind that comes fresh ground out of the cool machine. Have you seen one of those? Have you tasted the nut butter that comes out of those contraptions? Amazing. I did not believe the hype until I tried it myself and now all other nut butter pales in comparison. Try it! so good. 

4. I have decided this year I am going to just embrace the ridiculous humidity that always seems to miraculously arrive on/around Memorial Day every. year. and stays until mid-September. What this means mostly, is that I have stopped blow drying my hair because what's the point? And also, it means that since I use homemade lotion/coconut oil instead of lotion anymore, that it takes approximately 1 million years to absorb into my skin. So if I look like I'm..."glowing", now you know why. 

5. read an amazing book while on vacation called "Eat the Yolks" by the amazing Liz Wolfe. She is hilarious and engaging and the book is a really easy read while giving you a legit education on nutrition and how the food industry has been lying to and misleading us for years and years about what is good for us. I highly recommend the book if you are interested in food and nutrition at all. Makes so much sense and it really takes a lot of the mystery out of understanding nutrition.

6. We have been painting all the trim work in our house white on weekends this year, and we finally finished the entire upstairs! It only took like 3 months of Saturdays and 3 coats of white paint on every baseboard, door, frame, and window, but it is turning out so well and now we get to start on the main floor! 

7. It will be JUNE in just a few days and then summer is in full swing. Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!