Whole30 Week 3 Wrap Up

This is going to be one big random collection of thoughts. You were warned.

Tomorrow is the 21st, which means we have made it 3 whole weeks of our Whole30 and we only have 9 days left!

Yesterday, as I was sauteing a huge pan of diced veggies for a breakfast casserole, my husband told me he was sick to death of vegetables. Hmph.

I checked another thing off my bucket list and cooked a whole chicken this week! I did it in the crock pot and it turned out amazing. I rubbed the whole bird down with olive oil and then seasoned with sea salt, pepper, garlic, thyme, and parsley. Then I cut open a lemon and squeezed the juice over the bird, and then stuffed the lemons into the cavity. Slow-cooked on low for about 8 hours and it was fall off the bone tender and fabulous.

You can't really tell by the picture, but that Pyrex bowl is about 6 cups capacity, and the chicken packed it completely full. There was a lot of chicken. 

THEN I put all the bones and fatty pieces and skin and such, chopped up an onion, and threw it back into the crock pot with some salt & pepper and garlic, and then filled it with water and turned it on low for like 15 hours. Yielded about 8 cups of rich, delicious bone broth. We did a second round and got another 8 cups of broth. Did it a third time and got a third batch out of ONE chicken! So we are swimming (ha) in bone broth around here. 

I was not forewarned about the addition of a bag of organs stuffed inside the cavity of the bird. Why, chicken people? Husband-of-the-year got it out for me. I had to leave the room. 

So I used two jars of my broth to make this Taco Soup (it's actually called something Spanish that I can't pronounce so we'll stick with Taco Soup) and it is so, so good. We obviously omitted the cornmeal and honestly, it was not needed. Then again, after our initial bowl, someone whose name starts with L and rhymes with Boren went back and added more meat. Something about being sick of vegetables. Anyway, I admit it helped a lot and made the soup more filling. So there ya go.

So we're doing really good and all with all the rules and such and I feel like we're doing a really good job at eating conscientious portions and getting enough veggies and not too much fruit, etc. 

Unfortunately the Taco Soup threw me into an "I miss cheese" pity party. I know 100% I CAN live without dairy. I just love it so much. 

Cheese - we will reunite on January 31. 

We used the crock pot a lot last week. At one point I had two crock pots going at the same time. 
That was crazy. 

We love kombucha around here now. We ran out yesterday, which was really sad. 

I used a mandolin slicer to cut some sweet potatoes and then threw them into my food dehydrator with some sea salt overnight. Not quite "chips" but close enough! I topped my taco soup with them, which was such a good idea. Didn't quite make up for no cheese, but close. 

I'm not very organized this time around about keeping track of what we're eating every day. However, I feel like we are a lot less focused on it and not living to eat our next meal. I think that is showing a healthier relationship with food. We eat within the parameters, and then we move on with other stuff and don't obsess over what we can and can't eat.

Hope you guys have a great week! All the recipes I mentioned are linked above. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions!