Whole30 Week 2

So hard to believe that January is almost half over! This month is seriously flying by and we are doing great with the Whole30! The weight loss has leveled off a little bit this past week, but it is so so so nice to not be feeling the effects of junk food on my system. The sluggish feeling after I eat bread, the hit-by-a-bus achy feeling the morning after eating a bunch of sugar. Don't miss those things at all!

So this week in food review:

1. Had a huge massive awful terrible dinner fail at making a buffalo-inspired turkey meatloaf. All the ingredients together seemed great. However, once it was put in the oven it turned into a hot mess. Actually not hot enough in the middle. But too hot on the edges. Anyone get me? And turkey fat is a really disgusting substance that I don't EVER want to see again. It wouldn't be a Whole30 if I didn't have at least one dismal failure, right? We can't all be amazing paleo cooks all the time. We had roasted cauliflower and grapes for dinner that night.

Cauliflower never lets me down.

2. Made an awesome soup inspired by Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana. It uses sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes and coconut milk instead of heavy cream. I used italian sausage instead of ground chicken, and it turned out super yummy. Plus it made a huge batch so we were able to eat it for several meals.

3. Also my husband grills the BEST chicken breasts ever and we concocted an awesome marinade since we can't use our standby Italian dressing. Here's what we did:

1 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
zest from 1 large orange
juice from same orange
salt & pepper
2 tsp dijon mustard
Garlic powder

We marinated it for 24 hours in the fridge and then hubby grilled it with his magic grilling powers. We enjoyed it (with friends!) with sweet potatoes and a spring mix salad. Best meal of the week award.

4. Made my trusty spaghetti squash in the crock pot  and served it with some homemade ground pork and wilted spinach in an amazing organic pasta sauce I found at Costco. Spaghetti squash is one of my favorite things ever. I just love that there is a vegetable in Creation that mimics pasta and is a wonderfully healthy substitute for one of my favorite comfort foods. God's just good like that.

5. Made this Sweet Potato Quiche for breakfast this week and added bacon and spinach. It turned out really delicious. For some reason I had my doubts about this casserole, but it was really savory and turned out really great! The sweet potato and coconut milk made it really smooth and spongy, so it's a nice change from usual egg texture. Try it! You can personalize it any way you want with meat and veggies!

6. I dragged my family to all the natural grocery stores over the weekend and had a blast. I mean, who doesn't love finding avocados on sale, free range eggs, green juice with spirulina & chlorella, and a huge variety of kombucha? The only bummer was the lack of bacon without sugar in the ingredients.

Hope your Whole30s are going well, friends! At this point in the month it can start to feel kind of like a long road ahead, but the finish line really is so near! We've made it this far, and it already feels like a big accomplishment!