5 Things about Whole30 Days 1-5

A list! for you! 

1. Um, so currently it's 4 degrees outside, with a wind chill of MINUS TWELVE. The forecasted windchills are -34 with a real temp of -10. NBD. I am totally bundled up in fuzzy socks and the warmest fleece pajamas I could find (Christmas jammies for the win!). Today I have had 4 cups of coffee - black, don't worry - and 2 cups of hot tea. I am also coming down with a head cold that I fully intend on kicking with my essential oils arsenal. 

Oh yeah, and we're finished with 5 days of our Whole30!! 

2. Honestly, a second time around has been a million times easier. I'm so thankful that after last year, we pretty much stayed with a Paleo diet about 75% of the time. We let ourselves indulge on weekends and on special occasions, but largely stayed away from sugar and grains. So this year, going without any grains and eliminating all sugars has really seemed like not a big deal. I was feeling a little burned out with Christmas junk food anyway, so it's been a welcome change to be without it! 

3. We have been cooking in huge quantities so we have leftovers for days. I cannot stress enough what a great, stress-saving idea this has been. I bought 2 huge briskets from Sam's Club and froze one and baked the other one on Thursday evening for dinner. We have been eating it for lunches and dinners all weekend and the hubby even made an egg casserole with it for breakfast this week!! The BBQ Beef casserole I made earlier in the week lasted all the way through Thursday for lunches. 

I also made a Paleo Ranch Dip to have with veggies that is Whole30 Compliant, and really zesty and yummy. I added an avocado to thicken it up (and because it was about to be a goner and you know how it goes with avocados), and used only 3/4 cup olive oil. Having this dip around has caused me to eat a ton of raw broccoli, carrots, and celery this weekend! It made a huge batch that I put in jars to store in the fridge for a couple weeks. 100% sure it won't last a couple weeks, so I will definitely be making another batch before this is all said and done. 

I made these paleo pumpkin pancakes for breakfast today, which technically are considered SWYPO from the Whole9 folks, but here's the thing: We don't ever make Bisquick or homemade pancakes with flour, sugar, milk, veg. oil, etc. We do make gluten free (rice flour) pancakes on occasion, and we make the paleo banana+egg+almond butter pancakes pretty frequently. To me, making these pancakes is not going to make me stumble or reconsider all my food choices or question what the point of Paleo is. I'm not stumbling over the edge of the paleo cliff or frantically making paleo-ified treats in my kitchen. So we had pancakes. Without any maple syrup and with ONE banana. And now we'll move on. 

4. Thanks to my friend Claire, I have now officially checked off "Trying Kombucha" from my crunchy bucket list - and it was YUM! She let me try a black cherry kombucha with chia seeds in it because I was feeling adventurous, and I was so relieved when it wasn't gross! The chia seeds definitely cut down on the fizz, so it was more of a tart tangy slimy drink. Apparently the ones without chia are much more sparkly and fizzy. So now that I've braved that new world, what else should I try?*

*I reserve the right to say "No" to any and all of your suggestions. 

5. The sugar dragons have really been pretty nice to me this week. I haven't had very many sugar cravings, and have been able to totally combat them by drinking a big glass water with a drop of peppermint oil. We have been pretty satisfied by eating oranges and apples if we want something sweet. 

I've also noticed that I'm not nearly as interested in snacking and I am full for hours after a meal. It's taking a long time to get hungry again, which is a great sign that my blood sugars are nice and stable. Workouts this week have already been less sluggish and more exhilerating. It's amazing to see how your body will reward you when you take good care of it with nutrient-dense food!

Also, I've already lost 2 pounds. I realize you're not supposed to weigh yourself until the end of the month, but I just can't resist. It keeps me motivated and encouraged, so I say it's good for my mental health. Also, my eczema is clearing up just like it did last year.