DIY Ornament Wreath

Several years ago, I saw on Pinterest that you could make an ornament wreath by stringing Christmas balls on a coat hanger and then form the hanger into a circle and voila! you have a wreath. I tried it, and while technically it did create a wreath, it was incredibly difficult to manhandle a wire coat hanger back into a circle while it was full of Christmas balls, and it was hard to get the ornaments to stay put in the right places. Each year when I pull it out, I always think, "This is really ugly," but never knew what to do/didn't make the time to figure out how to fix it. 

This year, I kept seeing more and more pictures of ornament wreaths, so I decided to check out a few more tutorials and see how all the DIY bloggers had surely improved on this idea. Sure enough, the much easier and better-looking way to do this is to get a styrofoam wreath form and GLUE the Christmas ornaments onto the wreath! That way they don't move around and the whole thing stays circular. 

I got a styrofoam wreath at Hobby Lobby for about $4. I already had all my ornaments from my old wreath, but I think you could make this wreath with about 4-5 packages of ornaments from the Dollar Store or wherever you can find inexpensive balls. I would recommend using the shatterproof ornaments instead of glass, but either would work. 

 You'll also need a glue gun and lots of glue sticks. If you are a more skilled glue gunner than me...props to you.

Start by deciding where you want your ornaments on the wreath, and then apply the hot glue to the ornament. The first one is the easiest, btw. It gets considerably more difficult as you add more ornaments. You'll need to always make sure the ornament you want to use will fit and take up the space you need to fill.

 You'll also want to glue the ornaments to each other, not just to the wreath form. This will help fill in the gaps on the wreath and cover up the white space. I usually added glue to the wreath form and to the backs of the 2 ornaments that would be touching the newest ball - almost thinking of it like making triangles from the ornaments. Always making sure that the ornaments were secured to each other and to the wreath. I also removed all the hangers and made sure that the little nubs of the ornament were always facing in where they would be hidden.

 I found that it helped to have ornaments of multiple sizes. I had 4 different sizes, which worked out great because I could always find a way to fill in the space I needed.

You can see how I tried to hide the little nubs of each ornament and make sure that it was touching both of the balls on either side of it, plus glued to the wreath. When the wreath was getting more full, I added some of the smallest size ornaments to cover up spaces you could see through. It was nice to have some extra small ornaments left over at the end to make sure the entire wreath form was covered. 

And the finished product! I really love how it turned out!

Merry Christmas crafting!!