DIY Glittered Words

Every year for Christmas, I end up decorating things completely differently than the past. The only thing with any kind of consistency is our Christmas tree, because we have more than enough ornaments left over from our wedding decorations that I haven't needed to add anything to it!

Our fireplace mantle, however, is ever-evolving. Every time I decorate, it turns out differently - mostly because I can't ever remember what I did the previous time. This year, I got inspired to have a word on the mantle to be a visible, readable reminder of the season. I love letters and words and incorporating them in our home decor whenever possible. I decided, after much deliberation, on the word "rejoice" for the Christmas season.

It should come as no surprise that I had to make the letters sparkle. My husband is a saint and lets me completely indulge my love for glitter during Christmas time. It is only allowed in moderation all other times of the year, but I go all out during Christmas and try to get it all out of my system (not possible).

I only needed 3 things for this project:

1. I found these great paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby.

They are 8 inches tall and block-ish, so they can stand up on their own.

2. Glitter I had already in abundance, so no worries there. I decided to use a combination of gold and silver glitter.

3. I used Elmer's Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive because I had some already. You could use any kind of spray glue or even liquid glue with a brush if you want to. But the spray glue made this project super quick and easy, so I would recommend it.

I took the letters to the garage and laid out some newspaper to protect the floor from glue/glitter. I took one letter at a time and laid it flat on the newspaper, and sprayed the top with the glue. Immediately, I sprinkled glitter all over the front of the letter and used my finger to spread it around to the edges. I set each letter aside to dry and moved on to the next one. When I was finished, I sprayed each letter one more time with the glue to make sure everything stuck really well, and then let them dry overnight.

I love the finished result! It's definitely large and in charge, and probably a little "much" for some people's taste, but I love it! Super easy and quick project that is completely customizable.