Amazing Paleo Ginger Cookies

The holidays can definitely be rough on us Paleo eaters. The parties get more frequent and the food options less clean and real. And let's face it: for some reason it messes with us psychologically if we are surrounded by people (over)indulging, and we don't get to.

However, thanks so the huge amount of amazing Paleo food bloggers, there are some great options for holiday treats that are Paleo-friendly so we don't have to miss out completely. As with every sweet treat, it is not wise nutritionally to load up your diet with lots of nut flours and natural sweeteners. Paleo treats, while technically legal and made with whole, real food ingredients, are still calorie-dense and do use sugar, so they should be consumed appropriately - as an occasional treat.

The good news is you get to decide what occasional means for you, so help yourself! Just don't be mystified if you still gain 5 pounds this Christmas from eating Paleo cookies.

I recently made these amazing Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies from Gourmande In the Kitchen for a Paleo cookie exchange with some friends, and they turned out so, so good. A spicy ginger cookie really hits the spot this time of year, and this is a really great cleaned-up version of a Christmas favorite.