The Mascara Chronicles: Review of DuWop Lash Venom

So I took advantage of the Beauty Brand's $10 mascara sale last month and got a few mascaras that I've been dying to try. "For the blog" you know? DuWop's Lash Venom mascara was one of them and I was excited to try it out, with all the claims of plumping and water resistant and great volume, etc.

I honestly haven't tried many of the DuWop products, but I do know that they are well known for their plumping products. They have a "Lip Venom" product that I've heard is excellent, unless you're like me and lip plumpers make you look like a circus clown. But anyway, we're here to talk mascara. Lash Venom usually retails at $24.99, so it's pricey unless you find it on sale, like I did at Beauty Brands.

However, I really like pretty much everything about this mascara! One of my favorite features is that the tube is designed with a small opening that the brush has to scrape to get out. I seriously hate when I pull out a mascara wand and it has huge goopy clumps left on it that I have to scrape off on the edge of the tube and get it all messy.

Lash Venom does the work for you on this, because the wand pulls out clean and ready to go every time. It doesn't pull a ton of the mascara out with it, which makes it easier to build the look you want rather than have to do damage control later! Since one of my pet peeves with mascara is that it can quickly ruin a great eyeshadow look by being messy, I absolutely love how clean and easy Lash Venom is to apply.

Another thing I love about this mascara is that it stays put. It dries quickly and is water resistant, so I don't have to worry about it going anywhere throughout the day. I have tried tons of other mascaras that flake or smudge as the day goes on, but this one doesn't budge.

I will say that there are definitely better volumizing or thickening mascaras out there than Lash Venom. It makes up for it in other areas, but if you are looking for a super-dramatic mascara, this probably isn't for you. I love it for every day, and honestly if I spent more than 10 (rushed) minutes every day on my makeup, I could probably use Lash Venom to build a more dramatic lash. But I like that it's "set it and forget it" without sacrificing quality. I also love that it is water-resistant, but isn't drying or hard to wash off like most waterproofs.

I've got several more mascaras to tell you all about soon! Stay tuned!