Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip

I don't know about you, but I wore my looooong little-girl hair in a ponytail every day of my life 
until I was 7. 
Then I cut it off to my shoulders and never looked back. 
However, wearing my hair up never much appealed to me after that. 

As I grew older, my hair got more fine in texture, and it became harder for my hair to stay up when I did wear it up. 
That was annoying, so I wear it down 95% of the time. 
The only reason for the 5% is because I throw it in a ponytail when I work out...when no one sees me.

So I was super excited when my friend Melanie offered to send me a Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip! 
Melanie has very very thick hair that doesn't like to stay up, and her little girl has very very thin hair with the same problem,  and the Flexi-Clip works for them both! 
When she discovered that this little hair clip worked so well for them both, 
she knew she had to share the love! 

Not only are these little guys super cute, but they are very well made and super easy to use. 
Plus they come in all kinds of fun colors and blingy varieties! 
They are reasonably priced, and I was very impressed with the quality. 

For kicks, I decided to throw my hair up in a french twist and work out in the Flexi-Clip, 
just to see if it really does hold as well as it claims. 
I was amazed. 
My hair held just as well if not better than when I throw a hair band around it in a pony tail! 
It holds and holds and holds - and for my hair, that is really saying something! 
And the best part is that the Flexi-Clip doesn't leave that nasty kink in your hair that a ponytail usually does! 

Plus it's super cute, right? 

Good news for you guys is that Lilla Rose is having a sale this weekend! Here's the details:
"All day November 7th, 8th, and 9th - Thursday through Saturday - 
Customers may receive Free Shipping on all orders over $30, plus 10% off the release of brand new items for the first 24 hours. "
Check out to see the full line of adorable Lilla Rose products 
(they sell headbands and bobby pins and other hair jewelry too!) 
These would make awesome Christmas gifts, friends! 

Melanie also has a Facebook page
Go like her on Facebook and stay in the know about new products and the chance to WIN a Flexi-Clip of your own in an upcoming giveaway! 

In addition to Lilla Rose, Melanie also hand-tats these amazing earrings 
and she was awesome enough to send me a pair of her Spanish Dancer earrings!  
I absolutely love them, and the fact that they're handmade makes them especially cool. 

Aren't they so cute? Check out her Facebook page here to see all her designs and colors!