2013 West Coast Trip: San Francisco

Sunday morning we met Emily & Mike and Joe & Corette for breakfast at a cute little place called Big Blue in downtown Arcata. Super yummy and we loved the chance to hang out one last time with friends before we headed south to San Francisco that day. 

Thankfully, we remembered to take a group picture together after breakfast! Yay, friends!

The guy we asked to take our pictures was funny and took like a million pictures on our phones like it was a photo shoot or something. Hilarious. I spared you the worst ones!

We had the longest drive of our whole trip ahead of us that day, so we started south right after breakfast. The drive was beautiful & different as it went from the Redwood Forest into Sonoma wine country before you arrived in San Francisco. 

On the way, we stopped at the Drive-Thru Tree in Leggett, CA. It was definitely a little tourist trap, but it was fun and we can say we did it. In a tiny rented Toyota Yaris. This is a picture of the car that went before us, since you can't very well drive through the tree and take a picture of it at the same time. 

We drove and drove and drove some more and got stuck in traffic and drove some more. We watched YouTube videos on my phone to keep ourselves entertained. 

FINALLY we made it to San Francisco. When you take Highway 101 into San Francisco, you really have no choice but to go over the Golden Gate Bridge to get to the city. We were in luck because we wanted to get into the city, and we were on Highway 101, so Golden Gate Bridge it was! I got a little excited and took 5 million phone pictures, and here are the ones that turned out decent-ish.

San Francisco was very different than I was expecting. It was very busy and crowded and there were constantly tons of tourists and pedestrians and cars and cable cars - everywhere. We drove around the city for a little bit and finally found a parking spot on the street (it was Sunday so we didn't have to pay...at least that's how we interpreted the incredibly confusing parking meters) and walked to a darling little cafe I saw called Black Point cafe, right next to Ghirardelli Square, to get some coffee. This little place was precious and had really different drinks like Lavender Lattes and an espresso shot mixed with a Coca-Cola. We got our drinks and decided to walk around for awhile. 

Come to find out, Ghirardelli Square was having a Chocolate Festival of some sort, so we walked around the various booths for awhile and then decided to grab dinner at a little place called The Pub. We split a burger and a salad, and then went back to the car and meandered our way around San Francisco for awhile longer before heading across the Bay Bridge into Emeryville to check into our hotel. 

This little street reminded me of Full House so I took a picture. Love the pink row house!!

After driving for 6 hours, we were tired so we checked into our hotel and relaxed for awhile. Try as I might to maximize our time on vacation, the hubs was NOT up for more activity, so I went to burn off some energy at the hotel gym and watched the Miss America pageant while I was on the elliptical. :-)
 It can't always be exciting or glamorous, right?