2013 West Coast Trip: Alcatraz & Ikea

Monday was our last day of vacation, and we really didn't even get the whole day as my husband's work meeting began Monday evening. Several weeks before we left, we had booked tickets to go see Alcatraz while we were in San Francisco. We booked the 12pm tour, so after breakfast we headed back into the city and spent probably 30 minutes looking for a parking spot.  Lovely. 

We finally found one with a parking meter that would allow us to park for 4 hours, so we took it and then spent some time walking around the pier areas of San Francisco. We were there during the America's Cup Sailing Competition, so we walked around and saw some amazing yachts from around the world and marveled at the ridiculous wealth! 

We walked down to Pier 39 and got some coffee and a yogurt parfait from the Biscoff Coffee Shop. I got a Biscoff Latte which literally tasted like Trader Joe's Cookie Butter in coffee form. It was delish and very bad for me, but when and where else can you get a Biscoff Latte? Once in a lifetime, or something. 

Our Alcatraz tour was boarding at that point so we walked back down to get in line and enjoyed the boat ride across the Bay to Alcatraz Island. 

I realized I knew extremely little about Alcatraz until I got there. It was a very interesting place and crazy to think that at one point it was an operational prison for the worst of criminals. Like a little exile island. We did the guided tour where you got to walk around with head phones and hear a recorded tour guide tell you all kinds of stuff. Very cool.
Prison cells.

Solitary Confinement area.

Library area - the prisoners were encouraged to read lots of books. 

Looking back toward San Francisco from Alcatraz.

View from the top of The Rock. 

Inside the kitchen. 

The steep climb up to the top. Building to the left is one of the barracks.
 After our Alcatraz tour, we had to head back to Emeryville so Loren could make it to his meeting with the company. A friend from KC, Corette and I made plans to make the best of our time in Emeryville and go to Ikea for the evening! Plenty of entertainment there!

Ikea was like inspiration overload. We wandered around the showroom floor looking at all of their mock kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, offices - oohing and aahing for literally hours. 

Then, we got dinner at the Ikea Cafe! YAY $5 Swedish meatball dinner!! 

When we were finished with dinner, they announced that they were closing, and then as we made our way out of the building we realized we hadn't even made it to the floor where you can actually buy stuff like dishes and decor items! Oh to have several more hours and an empty suitcase!! 
I think it's way safe to say we had 500x more fun than our husbands did at a work dinner! 

And so our time on the West Coast came to an end. The next morning, I caught a flight out of Oakland and returned home while my husband stayed an extra 3 days for work meetings. It was a little bit of a bummer to end vacation by leaving my husband in California, while I went home by myself. 
But - someone was very happy to see me at home! 

Thanks for reading all about our trip! Hopefully you had fun seeing our pics and hearing about our fun time. I had a blast re-living all the fun!