Hello October, Goodbye September!

Well, hello there, October! I love September for so many reasons, but October is a close second!

Hello pumpkins! Goodbye flowers.
Hello gorgeous chilly mornings. Goodbye air conditioning!
Hello long sleeves and leggings and boots! Goodbye shorts and tank tops
(I won't really miss them.)

Hello fall decor (my MOST favorite) - pumpkins on my front porch, sparkly owls and leaves and gourds!! Goodbye non-holiday themed decor.

Hello autumn squashes! It's been so long since you've been in season! Goodbye summer veggies and fruits.

Hello pumpkin spice chai latte (!!!)
...goodbye boring chai lattes. (I'll still love you when pumpkin season is over)Hello shorter days...goodbye long summer nights (boo). 
Hello chili and football games and bonfires and hayrides! Goodbye burning hot sweaty summer activities. 

Hello husband's birthday! Goodbye my birthday. (we celebrate by the month around here)

Hello even-more-awesome Young Living Premium Starter Kit (now with 11 oils AND a diffuser!). Goodbye chemicals in your home!

Hello clean eating, goodbye vacation/birthday junk food. 

Hello 30-Day Shred. Goodbye stomach flab! (wishful thinking)

Hello Reformation Day - goodbye Halloween. 

What are you looking forward to in October? I'm linking up with Allison at Nestful of Love!