DIY Extra-Large Earring Holder

It's not really a secret: I have a very extensive jewelry collection. Earrings and necklaces are some of my favorite things. 
I had been keeping all my earrings strewn all over the top of my dresser in a huge heap stored in a jewelry cabinet that belonged to my grandma. 
However, I found that I was just wearing the same few earrings over and over again because they were in my "most recent" pile, and I couldn't remember what I had. 

I looked quite awhile and tried to find jewelry holders where I could display my jewelry. I found some awesome ones that I loved (like this or this), but they were all too big or too small. And while I wouldn't mind having all my jewelry on display in our bedroom, it seems like a little much for a room that a guy lives in, too. 

So I got to thinking, and asked my husband if he could make me an earring holder that would attach to the built-in shelves in my closet. I wanted the dimensions to be 1ft wide by 4ft long. Here's what we ended up using:

1. We bought two 1"x 2" sheets of this black decorative aluminum at Home Depot. There are also other colors and designs of this same product so you could totally make it your own! I liked the black, and really liked that the cut-out design was lots of small circles - the perfect shape to hook earrings into!

2. We had leftover regular wood trim that my husband nailed together to form a 1ft x 4ft frame using a brad nailer. 

The finished frame and the 2 pieces of black aluminum. 

Close up of the cut-out design of the aluminum panels. Perfect for earrings, right?!

Brad nailer and the aluminum pieces arranged onto the frame.

Using the same brad nailer, my husband just nailed the aluminum panels onto the wood frame. They were 1ft wide, and so was the frame, so they were easy to line up with the frame for a perfect fit. 

You can see where the little brad nails were attached. 

Lining up the 2nd aluminum panels to make sure they were on straight. 
 Once he was done nailing the aluminum onto the frame...we realized that our brad nails were a little long and we had nailed the frame to the deck! Oops.
He used the back of a hammer and it popped right off, thankfully.
Then he turned the frame over and hammered the back of the nails to make them flush with the wood.

The finished product!! 

Once it was complete, we took it into the closet, and the husband drilled it into the built-in shelves that were already there. You could use wall-space if you have it, but since I had the bare space on the shelf, I decided I wanted it to live there. :-)

The inaugural pair of earrings hung on my new organizer!

 And here's what it looks like full! Obviously, since the whole frame is affixed to the shelf, there isn't an option to hang any earrings with posts. Thankfully, most of my earrings were the kind with hooks. So I'm keeping my post earrings in my Nana's cabinet, and all my hook earrings here.

I LOVE it and I've worn different earrings every single day since I've had it!
It's also given me motivation to keep my dresser in our bedroom cleaned off and put my earrings away every day because it's so convenient! 
I love being able to see what I have and pair accessories in new ways now that I have a more organized space. 

Plus, I discovered after I hung all my earrings that I have some room to spare! 

How do you organize your jewelry?