2013 West Coast Trip: Oregon Coast

So Friday morning, my dear husband woke us up very early, bless his heart. 
He was eager to get back to the ocean since we'd had such a good time the evening before, 
and the Oregon mornings were beautifully foggy and serene. 

We'd heard of a coffee roaster in nearby Depoe Bay, 
and so we figured we'd give them a shot for breakfast. 

Unfortunately that turned out to be a bad idea, starting off with the poor directions on their website, 
so we ended up driving around for about 20 minutes before we found it. Hubs ordered a breve latte and I ordered a caramel macchiato. There was really no food available at the coffee shop for breakfast besides cookies (which we did not want at all), and we were pretty disappointed to discover that BOTH of our drinks were really gross. We couldn't pinpoint the problem exactly, but we definitely couldn't even drink them. Mine was WAY too sweet and didn't even taste like caramel and the coffee flavor was bad. Not a good experience. 

So there we were...7:30 in the morning. We'd gotten up early, driven around looking for this darn coffee place, and then spent money on nasty lattes that we didn't even finish. This day was not starting off very well! 

Thankfully, Salishan to the rescue! 
Our LivingSocial voucher included a $25 food and drink credit at any of the resort's restaurants. 
The main Lodge had a restaurant serving breakfast, and so we decided to go there.  
It was definitely hotel food prices - I think my bowl of oatmeal cost $9! 
But, knowing that it was some degree of "free" helped tremendously, and we got a great breakfast with a view! 

After breakfast, we headed to the hotel's beach access, which we were told was "just across the highway through the golf course". What they didn't tell us is that "through the golf course" also included an amazing neighborhood of beach houses with curvy streets and gorgeous views. 

When we got to the beach, it was amazingly beautiful. So foggy and the air was chilly. The beach was HUGE and we were literally the only people we could see anywhere we looked. It was completely deserted, and we got to just walk around and stare at the little fishing boats way out in the fog, run into the water and run right back out. We decided to walk down the beach toward the Snug Harbor area, where we had been the night before. Except this time, we were on the other side of the Harbor, rumored to be where the seals and sea lions congregated. 

We were NOT disappointed by the claims of seals and sea lions. In fact, we were completely amazed by how many there were at the shore of the harbor and how close we were able to get to them. We literally could have walked right up to them, but we didn't since there were warnings posted at all the beach parks about not getting too close to the sea animals. But I'd say we got within probably 75 feet of them, and were definitely close enough to see their faces and watch them move around! It was so amazing and something I will never forget about this trip. Such a special and rare experience! 

We spent most of the morning there watching the seals and exploring, and checked out of our hotel around noon. We then continued south on Highway 101 to see what else the Oregon Coast had to offer! We drove and drove some more, and stopped by Wal-mart for the necessities: a beach towel, and trail mix, and some cheese, turkey, and crackers for lunch.  

A fun little lighthouse!

Super close to the ocean!

A gorgeous view we found where they had been logging the side of this mountain for some reason. It was kind of sad to see all the beautiful trees gone from the mountains, but the views it provided were spectacular!

Instead of a hotel for that night, we had booked one night at a little beach cottage through VRBO.com in the town of Port Orford, OR. About 50 miles north of the California border. Port Orford was a very...sleepy little town, for lack of a better term. But, for less money than a hotel, we got an entire house! The house we found was in a little lake community called Garrison Lake. It was a precious little beach house with big picture windows and full kitchen and laundry room. We were thrilled with how clean and well-maintained it was, and it in a very quiet cul-de-sac with a view of the lake.
Outside of the Port Orford - Garrison Lake Cottage.

About 2 minutes from our house was Agate Beach, which was a beautiful rocky beach where the sand felt more like gravel in certain areas! There were a few people literally crawling around searching for agates while we were there. Not sure that they found anything, but it was entertaining to watch.

It was beautifully sunny and cool - the first time it had gotten sunny in days! We were there around 4pm, so the sun was just beginning to set and was super bright. The water, however, was cold as ever.

Loren decided to play in the water, which turned into bravely facing the waves and then running away from them as fast as he could.

Off to the south was a giant rock. Loren decided he wanted to climb up. I told him not to go up too far...which of course must have sounded like "go all the way up there."
Sitting on the little rock bench he found.

Of course, once he got up there, he wanted me to join him. This happens frequently.
 Adventurous husband + non-adventurous wife = me doing things I would never have chosen to do (but in retrospect I'm always glad I did) 

So up the small mountain I climbed. Getting up was not that big of a deal, it was coming down I was concerned about. So I stayed put for awhile.

While I took pictures of the waves crashing into the rocks, Loren decided to explore other areas of the cliff. Unbeknownst to me, he ended up getting into kind of stuck (quite literally between a rock and a hard place)on the other side of the "mountain". Later he told me he was a little bit nervous about how he was going to get down, but he made it back eventually and his taste for adventure had been satisfied.

We went back to the house to get cleaned up, and then planned to go find somewhere for dinner. As it turns out, there definitely aren't very many restaurants in Port Orford, and the ones we saw did not appeal to us. So, we went to the local grocery store in search of food. We must have been tired, because we seriously walked up and down the aisles of the grocery store for 45 minutes. FINALLY we decided to buy some eggs, some hash browns, and some italian sausage. We took it back home and my sweet husband made breakfast-for-dinner while I washed all of our clothes and towels. Homemade non-restaurant food tasted AMAZING after almost a week of eating out! After dinner we watched TV, drank coffee, and then turned in early after a long day of driving and exploring.

The view from our little beach cottage.