We made it!

Vacation is really a wonderful idea, you know? Whoever thought of it was just brilliant. 

My husband and I are just returning from an a-mazing 8 day road trip down the Pacific coast. It was quite the endeavor, hitting Seattle, Portland, the Oregon Coast, and San Francisco all in the same trip, but we figured, hey - plane tickets aren't cheap and if we're gonna fly all the way out there, we might as well see as much as possible. 

It was a very different trips than our previous trips have been. We honeymooned in Riviera Maya and did an all-inclusive resort so there was really no planning involved there. We've been to San Antonio for a long (hot) weekend, but that wasn't too difficult to hit the highlights and chill at the pool. We went to Hawaii, which was easy because it was paradise everywhere. 

But this trip, we set out to do and see it all in 3 states and places we'd never, ever been before. Let me tell ya - we had SUCH a fun adventure! We have been well-caffeinated from day one, enjoying one delicious coffee drink after another. And we have seen some truly breathtaking sights. 

There's so much I want to share and remember for my own sake, so I'm probably going to split this up into several different posts hitting some of the highlights of what we saw and did. There really is just indescribable beauty in creation, and to think that the beautiful things on earth are just mere shadows of the true splendor and beauty of the Lord's presence in Heaven is amazing. The mountains and forests and oceans and rivers and beautiful vistas all just scream out evidence of the glory and creativity and beauty of the Lord. There is some beautiful stuff out there, and we have stood in awe at the way that creation shows off. 

We've also laughed because we remember roadtrips as kids where we got exasperated when our parents wanted to take scenic routes or pull off onto viewpoints and "look at pretty stuff"...and now we are just like that! Exclaiming every few minutes how beautiful things are, pulling off the highway just to stare into gorgeous things that are so much bigger than us. At one point while I was driving through part of the Redwood Forest in California, I asked Loren, "Is this for real? I feel like I'm dreaming!"

Stay tuned for pictures and recaps of where we visited!