High Five for Friday!

It's Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Lauren to share my top five things from this week.

Well, for starters...
1. Today is my last day of work for TWO weeks! Like, ten days off of work, friends. Plus weekends. I'm so excited I can barely stand to sit here for another hour!

2. Had a friend invite me to this little local facebook group where people from my town post things for sale. it's like a mini Craigslist, but only for locals. I posted a few items of clothing for sale last Saturday and made $10 within an hour! Throughout this week I've sold several more things! It is GREAT motivation to clean out the closet and the junk if you know you don't have to store it somewhere until you've collected enough to warrant a trip to Goodwill. Plus - who doesn't like to earn a little bit back from your stuff?

3. Instavotion started a new study with GoodMorningGirls called Loving Like Jesus this week. It's a slow-paced verse-by-verse study through Luke 17-24. I'll admit, I wasn't overly excited about studying Luke for some reason; I guess because I've studied the gospels before and felt like I wanted something new (which is a really gross and entitled attitude to have and I have repented.) But oh, it has been so good. Reading the words of Jesus and really taking them slowly and processing what it means to have enough faith - the size of a mustard seed, to be exceptionally grateful like the one leper who returned to praise Jesus for his healing, or the teaching that the day when Christ returns will be like in the days of Noah - days of great evil and oblivious merriment in the face of impending destruction if you do not repent. I have been proven wrong about this study!

4. I've been on the hunt for navy pants to wear to work for MONTHS, literally. I didn't want them too dressy to where they would only fit in the work category, but I obviously can't wear anything very casual to work (=dilemma). Today, I stumbled upon the perfect pair that fit like a dream and are extremely versatile. And they were cheap to boot. And I had a gift card. See how big of a win this was??


I found this gem of a deal at Costco earlier this past week! I've been trying to eliminate chemicals from our everyday household products lately and look for natural alternatives that don't contain a bunch of junk I can't pronounce. This laundry detergent was under $13 for an absolutely ginormous bottle, it works with high efficiency machines (and does over 200 loads so I won't need to buy detergent for a looong time) -  AND it is all natural with no chemicals or anything weird in it. Hooray for natural, healthy, chemical free stuff!

What were your five top things from this week? Hope you enjoy your weekend!