Golden Birthday

Yesterday was my 25th "Golden" birthday!

Even though we technically just got back from vacation, I had requested my birthday off work months ago. Call me a diva, but I just feel like birthdays should be spent not working and instead doing fun things with loved ones. Unless your loved ones are at work, and then I guess that's ok?

My loved ones are not at work, so I spent the day with my husband and my dog and the evening with my parents, and the hundreds of precious people who called or commented or texted or emailed me throughout the day.

This past weekend we celebrated with my husband's family, and this coming weekend we are celebrating with my siblings and parents. I like spreading out birthday celebrations to make more of a "birthday week" than just one day!

My sweet husband started off the day by making bacon and scrambled eggs for us for breakfast. And a pour-over of his fabulous coffee. I spent the morning just reading and doing whatever I wanted, and then I used my new Vitamix blender (Craigslist birthday score!) to make us some awesome smoothies, complete with spinach, carrots, and half a cucumber. Yum.

My sweet husband planned a fun little activity for the afternoon...he purchased 6 different gift cards and put them in separate envelopes. I got to open one at a time and we would go to that place and spend the gift card, and then I got to open the next one! Super fun, and I still have money left on all the gift cards (and a few of them I didn't spend at all b/c I'm picky and have to use gift cards on "the perfect" item)! One of the gift cards was to Panera, so we went there for a yummy and healthy dinner. Which was perfect because sometimes I hate how birthdays can become a binge-fest of way too much junk food just because it's your birthday.

Tell that to the brownie I just ate an hour ago in the office breakroom.

My parents came over for coffee after we were done shopping and my momma brought me some beautiful flowers and some fun magazines. It was a really fun, chill day filled to the brim with blessings from people I love so much!

*If you haven't heard of it, when you turn the same age as the date of your birthday, it's called your "Golden Birthday", so this was my year because I turned 25 on September 25.