Right Now

  • Sitting here with my sweet lazy pup.
  • Just made breakfast for 6 days thanks to some chia seeds, all natural peanut butter, almond milk, and banana! Yay for being prepared!
  • Grabbed coffee and caught up with a fun friend that I hadn't seen in way too long. Love that some friends can just pick up right where you left off.
  • Thinking about how last night, the hubs and the pup and I went for a drive for awhile and stumbled upon this neighborhood of MANSIONS that were absolutely incredible to look at. We were laughing at the absurd amount of money on that one little street and how we were pretty sure we would never, ever have that much money available to us. And that's totally ok with us. Mansions don't make you happy. But they are fun to look at.
  • My arms are sore from my workout yesterday. Sore muscles are a blessing that remind me I am getting stronger and that results don't come for free, which is exactly what motivates me to keep going and push myself harder.
  • I am learning more and more and more about essential oils and replacing chemicals in everyday products with natural products. Every day learning something new about them. Amazed at how far I've come on this journey when I look back at the clueless girl I used to be about nutrition, health, fitness, etc.
  • Feeling so humbled by how the Lord is directing, sustaining, and even prospering my Etsy business. Every time I sell a cake topper, I am grateful that I get to have a fun little side business that allows me to be crafty and make something beautiful for others. Undeserved favor!
  • Found some AMAZING burlap ribbon today and have fall wreath making festivities planned for my near future. 
That's all for me. How about you?