Time in the Word - How I Finally Made Time for God Every Day

For years growing up I would go back and forth being really consistent with my daily quiet times, and then drop off and have a hard time making time every day. Shortly after I got married, I realized that a) I was an adult now, and b) I needed to be much more disciplined in many areas of my life. Discipline had never really been my "thing", if you know what I mean, so the task seemed daunting. But I really wanted to get to a place where I depended on my time with the Lord. I didn't want it to be something I could go without.

One day about a year ago, the Lord allowed me to cross paths with a blog called Good Morning Girls. I was looking for a free Bible study to start online, and when I found their site, I was so excited to have finally found a resource that would help me with the discipline of a daily quiet time. Their whole goal is to facilitate women being engaged in Bible study and equipping them with the tools they need to start having a daily quiet time.

The bloggers at Good Morning Girls give out free reading plans for each of their bible studies, which usually run between 6-12 weeks. You are encouraged to create or join a group that can keep you accountable and all be studying the same stuff. The gist is to have a group to check in with every day by text, email, Facebook, etc so that you have some accountability for having your daily quiet time. Hence the name - Good Morning, girls! Every morning after you finish your quiet time, you contact your group to let them know and share any insights or prayer requests you have. The awesome part is that you become fast friends with the people you study with and it gives your daily personal time with the Lord a community aspect that is absolutely beautiful.

I led a group that chatted over Facebook last summer as we studied Proverbs 31. It was an amazing summer for me personally as, for the first time in my life, I was studying and meditating on God's word daily, and I had other people doing it with me at the exact same time! After the summer was over, I joined up with a GMG group that posted their daily check-ins on Instagram.

I've been continually studying and Instagramming with that same group for almost 9 months, and have formed such sweet friendships with the ladies in my group. I know for sure that if we all ever met in person we would instantly love each other! We have prayed for each other through extremely difficult times in each other's lives, and watched the Lord do miracles and asked Him to change us. And He has!

I haven't exactly lived a lot of hard life stuff yet. I'm thankful that the Lord has kept me out of the way of much personal tragedy, and I know He has rewarded decisions that were made through seeking His will and obeying His Word with tremendous blessing. So please understand that when I say that I have finally found victory in the battle of daily spending time with the Lord, I have not yet experienced the struggles that young moms with young children face when it comes to this issue.

All that said, I really do think no matter what is going on your life - whether you're in high school, college, not in school at all, a SAHM, or a full time employee, or a part time employee, or a working mom, or anyone- it will be a struggle to find daily time to spend with the Lord in prayer and Scripture. It just will.

Why is it so hard? My response to this is always that this is one of the things in your life that has an enemy who is working diligently against you being daily involved with God. He wants to see you crowd your relationship with God completely out of your life, overwhelmed with "all the stuff" you have to do. Our answer is that we have to work diligently AGAINST the enemy's desire for us, by making an effort to connect with God every day.

Not a checklist that makes us pat ourselves on the back for being so spiritual, either. That's not really working against the enemy either, because that means he's subtly convinced us that we have to do X, Y,  and Z to please God and make us a good Christian (=legalism). We are "good" and able to be "Christians" only because of Christ. Not because we read our Bibles this morning.

The community aspect of Good Morning Girls is such a great combatant to that "checklist" mentality. When you've got your girlfriends waiting for your check in and you know they are praying for you and always there to encourage you, it doesn't seem like just another thing to get over with. It seems like a joy to be sharing life and studying God's Word with other believers. Some days, the insights I read from my group members are exactly what I needed to renew my mind or refocus on the character of the Lord in my situation.

Of course these groups are never to replace your involvement in your local church, so if you have a Bible study available to attend at your church - plug in with those women first! God uses each individual person in each local church in a special way to minister to each other's needs. Your church needs you to be involved in their ministries!

But, If you are struggling with the discipline of having a daily quiet time, I encourage you highly to check out Good Morning Girls. There are also other resources that do similar things like SheReadsTruth - they even have YouVersion reading plans that you can follow along with each day!

If you have any questions at all about this or other resources, please leave a comment below!