I am totally aware that I verge on being the ridiculous dog-owner who overly-loves and constantly shares pictures of my sweet dog.
laying on the front porch watching the rain!


she does yoga with me sometimes.



But, I mean...if she wasn't just the cutest thing ever, I could see how you would think it's weird. 
But, she is, so it's totally normal that I absolutely love her to pieces. 
And she has the CUTEST little personality. 
And when I say little, I actually mean very strong and she communicates her "opinions" quite well. 

She has turned into such a little snuggler and the older she gets the more loyal she becomes, which I just love. 

Her puppy-ness is fading - although she's still very spunky - and she has just become a great companion and buddy. 

She is definitely a member of our little family and a beloved one at that!