Long Time, No Blog

Well, hello friends. Did you miss me on my unexpected, unannounced 2-month blog hiatus? I was on such a roll, and then you know how it goes...life got in the way and we were busy and I didn't really make time to sit down every day and write something.

Not that my life is any less busy right now, and I'm not exactly feeling particularly inspired to blog about anything in particular, but I just don't want to give up completely. Part of persevering is looking at that big, gaping dead space since the last time I posted straight in the face and deciding to keep going. Or something like that. You can quote me.

If you ever feel like you struggle with control issues, move to Missouri. In the so far 3 days of May, we've had sunshine and 85 degrees, and then 2 inches of snow, and now highs in the 30s and cold rain. We are clearly not in control. Where is spring? Did we miss it? Is it ever coming?

Who knows? Keep a coat in the car.

In the meantime, I recently (as in last night while perusing Pinterest) discovered Kelly over at Foodie Fiasco. You should check it out, because she has really fun yummy recipes, including these 6 calorie cookies that I plan on making this weekend. Also Kelly is 14. I know. And she already has an awesome full-fledged, very professional looking, chock-full of amazing recipes blog and she's funny and adorable and she has a cool story. So we should all support her in her youth and health and dream. And make her cookies.

Well, not really cookies FOR her, more like cookies for ME but using her recipe. Do it!