Work It! Review of The Bar Method: Change Your Body

It's time for another workout review! The time had finally come where I had used up all my renewals and reached the due dates for all my videos, so it was back to the library they all went and I started from scratch placing holds on workout DVDs. Lucky for me there had been some new ones added since the last time I requested every single DVD available looked at the online catalog!

One of my fave new ones is The Bar Method. I got it kind of on a whim, not really knowing what it would be at all. But man! What a workout! I've never been a dancer (at all), but I'm assuming that a lot of the moves were ballet move inspired. Every set of moves worked the muscles to complete exhaustion, and I am totally feeling it afterwards! I don't have a portable ballet barre so I used the back of a chair to do all of the moves requiring a barre. The arm strengthening segment also uses some light hand weights - I used 5 lb dumbbells. Run time is about 53 minutes.

Instructor - 6

Burr Leonard is the instructor for this series. She does a good job of explaining how to set up each move and keep proper form. The stance for all the moves reminded me a lot of pilates, where you're encouraged to keep your belly button sucked in and your glutes engaged, tailbone tucked. She was easy to follow and seems to have a good personality.

Intensity - 5

This method is really interesting, because while there is complete muscle isolation and tons of repetition to get you to exhaustion, I didn't really get all hot and sweaty and out of breath. However, by the end of the workout my legs, arms, everything was shaking! Each series of moves is pretty simple, but it's the repetition that really engages the muscles and works them hard. Beware: the thigh work portion kills.  Immediately following each intense muscle strengthening portion was a deep stretch for that same muscle group to elongate the muscles. It felt great, and probably attributed to the not-so-intense feeling of the workout, even though my thighs and calves were screaming the entire time.

Difficulty - 2

This is not difficult. The trickiest part is maintaining the proper form during each set of movements. It gets easier as the workout progresses to maintain form.  But even so, none of these moves were even remotely "difficult" - however being asked to do 40-50 reps of each movement might be a little bit challenging! If you can do some squats and leg lifts (for an hour), you're good to go.

Overall - 7

After one time through this workout, I knew I wanted to do it again and again! I really liked how it isolated some of the common "problem" areas like hips and thighs, and really focused on working small areas to exhaustion. Burr Leonard promised several times throughout the video that doing this workout will get you fast results and change the shape of your legs. I'm game! For about an hour long, semi-intense strengthening workout, I really recommend this. You probably won't be a hot sweaty mess, but I guarantee you'll be feeling it like I am!