Whole30 Days 9 - 15

Oh my word! We've made it 15 days! I'm staying positive, because if I think about the fact that we're only half way through this, I might be tempted to be discouraged. But I'm not discouraged because it's been 15 days since I have tasted sugar or dairy or grains or legumes and I am feeling gREAT!

It really hasn't been very hard, and aside from the occasional pang of sadness that I can't have any chocolate or give in to my diet coke craving, I am really loving eating so healthy and wholesome. Heck, I'm finding that I don't even mind dirtying every single dish in my kitchen every night and doing multiple loads of dishes in a 24 hour period!

I'm trying not to focus so much on getting past the 30 days, and definitely trying not to focus on "what I can have" once it's over. It's been crazy to realize just how many food items have sugar in them. I'm glad that this little experiment has been so eye-opening. I could have easily chosen to ignore the fact that "sugar" in the ingredients list of pretty much everything if I hadn't been doing this, but now I'm much more aware and in the habit to look long and hard at the ingredients before I purchase them or put them in my mouth!

I also absolutely love that I'm not counting calories or really even restricting my portions. I'm eating enough to make me full and then stopping. One of the interesting things about eating only healthy food is that it's not as easy to eat to that uncomfortably full feeling. I feel like my body tells me that it's satisfied a lot more efficiently these days, whereas if I'm eating bread and sweets I am more likely to ignore those signals because it's so sugary delicious.

Anyway, on to what I've been eating!

Here's what I made in advance in preparation for this week:

Coconut Carrot Souffles - I made the a double batch of the souffles and froze them in individual ramekins. Pull one out the night before to defrost, and bake for 25-ish minutes in the morning. Warm and spicy and comforting and yum!

Baked sweet potatoes - I baked about 6 small-medium sweet potatoes in the oven for almost 2 hours, which made them wonderfully mushy and really sweet and delicious. I'd baked sweet potatoes in the past and never been very impressed, but now I realize I hadn't baked them long enough! Live and learn!

Ground beef - I browned up about a pound and a half of ground beef with some garlic, salt, and pepper.

Also, I make sure to keep dried apricots, a bag of Cuties, and some cashews and other nuts on hand if a snack attack hits us. The goal is to try and not snack so you break the habits of just mindlessly eating when you aren't really hungry. However, sometimes, in a moment of weakness when you feel like "somebody give me a brownie or I am gonna go berserk", a handful of nuts or a clementine can calm that beast right down.

Day 9 - January 9, 2013

Breakfast - Carrot souffles! YUM Also, blueberry breakfast sausage, and I got cah-razy and made some  "pancakes" with a banana and eggs and pumpkin pie spice (and some almond butter).

Lunch - Pulled pork with hot sauce and a sweet potato with some melted ghee and pumpkin pie spice. Let me just tell you, this was my most favorite lunch I have had so far this month. It was a delicious spicy, cinnamon-y experience.

Dinner - romaine lettuce salad with chopped zucchini and carrots, pulled pork, drizzled with some olive oil and hot sauce.

Day 10 - January 10, 2013

Carrot souffles with crushed pecans for topping!
Breakfast - another carrot souffle and scrambled eggs with broccoli, chopped bacon, and zucchini.

Lunch - pulled pork, leftover scrambled eggs from breakfast. with hot sauce.

I'm seeing a pattern here, I'm not sure if I should seek help or not, but if you haven't noticed,

I put hot sauce on everything.
And I can't stop.

Oh well!

Dinner - baked acorn squash with coconut oil and pumpkin pie spice. Stuffed with chopped up blueberry breakfast sausage, a chopped apple, and some raisins, heated with some coconut oil and pumpkin pie spice. This was absolutely scrumptious and I am totally in love with squash in pretty much all forms. It is just so dang delicious.

Also seeing another pattern that is a developing obsession with pumpkin pie spice? It makes everything taste like pumpkin pie! Carrots, sweet potatoes, acorn squash - all made so yummy with pumpkin pie spice. What can I say? So I love the perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice.

At least if I'm making a meal with pumpkin pie spice, I'm not putting hot sauce on it.

Day 11 - January 11, 2013

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with ground beef and chopped zucchini and some good ol' Tony Cacheres seasoning. Also a gala apple. Coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch - Leftover egg scramble from breakfast and the last of the pulled pork.

Dinner - We had beautiful warm weather today (60 degrees in January!), so we grilled up a bunch of chicken, asparagus, and sliced apples with pumpkin pie spice.

I used the last of my pumpkin pie spice on the apples. There is a void in my life that will only be filled by pumpkin pie spice. 

Day 12 - January 12, 2013

Breakfast - Carrot souffle. Gala Apple.

Lunch - Half a grilled chicken breast, and a sweet potato with about 1 tsp. ghee and pumpkin pie spice (got some more - no worries!).

Dinner - More grilled chicken breast and leftover asparagus. After dinner I had about 16 oz of black coffee.

Surprisingly the grilled chicken is so delicious that I'm not sick of it yet, despite having it for the past 3 meals straight. 

Day 13  - January 13, 2013

Breakfast - I made another yummy egg casserole yesterday for us to have for breakfast this week. This week's version has pork sausage, kale, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and green onions in it. Hit the spot this morning! Also, coffee with some coconut cream and grapes dipped in refrigerated coconut cream (=whipped cream!!).

Lunch - what else? Grilled chicken (still yummy - I added hot sauce to change it up a little), oven roasted broccoli, the last of the grilled asparagus (we grilled 2 lbs so there was tons leftover), and a small sweet potato with a little ghee and pumpkin pie spice(!).

Dinner - Enchilada Chicken Stew (from a paleo food blog that I'm not linking to because the blogger -while she has awesome recipes that are super delicious - uses quite a bit of profanity in some of her posts. I don't really know why she does that, because her recipes could stand alone without the added "entertainment," but no one asked me...if you want the recipe google "paleo enchilada chicken stew" and I bet you'll find it!) with avacado and cilantro on top!

Day 14 - January 14, 2013

Breakfast - egg casserole and half a broiled grapefruit.

Lunch - leftover grilled chicken breast, half a handful of cashews, a little bit of leftover roasted broccoli.

Dinner - spaghetti squash with organic tomato sauce with ground beef and chopped broccoli. Love this meal - it is always so filling and satisfying and...

let's be honest: reminds me of pasta. 

Also let Day 14 be known as the day I discovered how delicious pumpkin pie spice in coffee with coconut milk is. Oh, my. 

Day 15 - January 15, 2013

Breakfast - breakfast casserole with hot sauce. Needed something to spice it up. Literally. Also, coffee with coconut milk and pumpkin pie spice. 

Lunch - leftover chicken enchilada stew from Sunday night and the last of the homemade guacamole. 

Apple as an afternoon snack.

Dinner - I made country pork ribs in the crock pot today with some delicious tomato-ey sauce. I also made mashed cauliflower that was disgusting and had way too much pepper in it. Also, I chopped up some apples and put them in a pan with some coconut oil and pumpkin pie spice and let them get kind of gooey and spicy and juicy.

And we're done! If you've read this far, you must really love me because that was a really long 6 days worth of food you just read! Thank you! Leave me a comment if you have questions!