Whole30 Days 26 - 30 (!!!)

It's the last day of our Whole30! Woohoo! It has been a really fun little self-experiment and I'm so happy to report that we finished strong and that (unless I unknowingly ate something that was not compliant) I have gone a full 30 days without dairy, grains, or sugar in my diet! My guess is somewhere among all the days that I probably had trace amounts of sugar (not including fruit, which is obviously sugar, but a different kind), but for the most part I have been sugar free!

Surprisingly, despite this month long cleanse and focus on breaking bad habits and ridding your body of the sugar-dragon that controls your appetite, it has been difficult not to equate looking forward to finishing this challenge strong and well with being able to reward myself with food. It's hard not to think of January 31 being the day I get to indulge in _____. What would the point be if I just gave myself over to every whim and craving just because I can? Just goes to show that even 30 days of great discipline and squeaky clean eating does not mean that all psychological or emotional relationships with food have been magically fixed - it's a work in progress!

So, I decided at the beginning of this last week that I am NOT focusing on what I can or want to eat after the Whole30 ends, but just staying the course and perhaps giving a little bit more thought to the types of meals I prepare in the coming weeks, to stay on course as much as possible but maybe not be SO strict. There is still weight I'd like to lose, so I still have some work ahead of me!

Okay, so on to what I ate...

Day 26 - January 26, 2013

Breakfast - We actually kind of forgot to eat breakfast because we started cleaning our house and getting on top of chores as soon as we woke up. We took our dog to play with her sister-schnauzer at Loren's folks' house around 10am and my MIL fed us pumpkin-egg paleo pancake of some sort that was really yummy!

Lunch - I was like a total meal-planning failure this day, so when we decided we were extremely hungry at lunchtime I made some zucchini noodles and cut up some broiled chicken we had in the fridge. Thankful for pre-cooked meat on hand for times like this!

Dinner - we had some of our favorite friends, Lauren and Craig, over for dinner and I made vegetable beef stew in the crock pot, and made a fruit salad with a bunch of cut up fruit like grapes, bananas, apples, strawberries, etc.

Day 27 - January 27, 2013

Breakfast - ate a couple of egg casserole "muffins" and a few bites of fruit leftover from the night before.

Lunch - celebrated January birthdays with my husband's side of the family in Olathe. I had roasted pork loin, a tossed salad with olive oil/balsamic vinegar, some garlic green beans, and some mashed sweet potatoes my MIL made. Also, there was really fresh, delicious fruit salad so it wasn't even hard to pass on dessert!

Dinner - Leftover beef stew from Saturday night and the rest of the tossed salad I had brought to Olathe. And we ate some green grapes during Downton Abbey.

Day 28 - January 28, 2013

Breakfast - egg muffins and a cutie.

Lunch - the last of the beef stew and an apple.

Dinner - I made pulled pork in the crock pot and it turned out seriously so delicious. I think the trick is that I used a boneless sirloin roast this time. It turned out to be really lean and flavorful. I just put some salt, pepper, garlic powder, dry mustard, and some crushed red pepper and paprika on top of it, added a cut up sweet potato and let 'er go! It cooked in its own juiced and turned out dreamy. Also I roasted a head of cauliflower with some garlic, olive oil, and s+p. Dipped it in hot sauce and I ate the entire head.

Day 29 - January 29, 2013

Breakfast - egg muffin

Lunch - pulled pork, sweet potato, apple.

Pre-workout snack: carrot chips with some almond butter.

Dinner - Pulled pork with hot sauce and a head of roasted broccoli. Made it a tad too salty but still delicious! After dinner ate some dried apricots as a snack.

Day 30 - January 30, 2013

Oh my! Is it really here?

Breakfast - the last of the egg muffins!

Lunch - pulled pork with hot sauce, the rest of the roasted broccoli from last night.

Pre-workout snack: dried apricots

Dinner - spaghetti squash with chicken tenders and tomato basil sauce with zucchini. So yummy - wins the prize for one of my favorite meals of this Whole30 - I knew I always liked spaghetti squash but fixing it this many times has allowed me to perfect the roasting/seasoning process and it is just so. stinkin. delicious.

After dinner I realized, oh...that was my last meal of the Whole30! I'm done! When I wake up tomorrow - I'm not technically bound by the rules anymore! I've been warned by the folks at Whole9 of the "Day 31 Oh crap what am I going to eat NOW?!" syndrome and I definitely feel that way!

It has been so nice to have a definite plan to follow, and really get on top of meal planning and preparation this past month. I am thankful for the experience in planning ahead that this forced upon me! While I'm looking forward to a little more freedom, I really don't want to start shoveling a bunch of junk into my body just because I'm no longer doing a Whole30. Let's face it - this whole thing was self-imposed anyway so why should I stop imposing rules on myself? The discipline is good for me.

Any questions or suggestions? Leave me a comment!