Whole30 Day 31

Just kidding. Or am I? Truthfully, today's food choices were really not that different than the past 30 days! We had eggs for breakfast and leftover spaghetti squash for lunch, and roasted turkey breast and mixed veggies for dinner. For all the days of wishing I could have _____, today I was really not that eager to eat anything that wasn't healthy!

I thought you all might be interested in our results, right? While I'm not quite brave enough to share my weight and measurements with the whole wide world, I'll give you a breakdown of what we lost:

Me: As of this morning, I have lost 6.6 pounds.
Waist : -1.5"
Hips :1.75"
Neck : -.25"
Thigh : -1/2" in each
Arm (bicep area) : -1" in each
Total : -6.5 inches

Husband: - 13.4 pounds!
Waist : -1.25"
Hips : -1.75"
Neck : -.75"
Thigh : -1" in each
Total : -5.75"

He was disinterested in measuring his arm, and I completely forgot to measure chest for both of us, so there's probably more inches we lost that we just didn't measure! But together we lost 20 pounds in a month! While the numbers might not seem very drastic, I'm pretty thrilled that in one month we dropped that many inches and pounds, and I didn't count a single calorie a single day!

Also, I decided I wanted my first non-Whole30 treat for finishing strong to be a Starbucks Vanilla Spice latte. I'd heard great things about them so I was excited to try it. I was a little nervous that drinking milk for the first time in 30 days would upset my stomach, but instead - it just tasted pretty gross. The milk I tolerated just fine (which means yay for no dairy sensitivities!), but the fake vanilla sugary syrup mixed with a really gross espresso shot made for one disappointing drink.

But, I'm actually glad that my first non-paleo "treat" was disappointing. When we started our Whole30, the hardest thing to get used to was drinking coffee without sugary coffee creamer. It was actually pretty encouraging that today I preferred my no-sugar coconut milk coffee to the $5 Starbucks latte! It's amazing what kind of habits can start in 30 days!

I'm linking this post up with my friend Erika's weekly link-up called #AHeartFitFriday! Check her out! She is beautiful and rocking her fitness and diet goals!