Solid Joys

When I first got a smartphone, I was excited because I could play Angry Birds like the rest of the world and other cool useless stuff. Not that being able to ask Google anything I've ever wanted to know, or use Navigation to successfully find any location I want isn't useful, but often these little hand-held machines can suck away our free time without any real added benefit, right?

However, the last several months I have begun to find resources available for these devices to help me grow spiritually. One of my favorites that I found right before Christmas is the app provided by Desiring God (John Piper's ministry) called Solid Joys. It is a daily devotional written by John Piper (usually snippets of various sermons or his books) that can be downloaded for a short daily reading, right on your phone or iPad.

I followed the Solid Joys devotional through Advent in addition to my Good Morning Girls Advent study, and loved the extra food for thought that it provided every day. Each day unpacks a verse or two of Scripture and really leaves you thinking and pondering on the words of Scripture.

You can download the free app by searching for "Solid Joys" or "Desiring God" or "John Piper" in the Google Play or iTunes Store. I highly recommend it!