DIY Glittered Deer Silhouette

This was a quick, easy DIY project that I threw together with stuff I already had in my craft supplies! I was inspired by this and this, and knew I could make one myself easy-peasy.

Here's what I used!

  • I used a wooden picture that I had gotten on clearance at Hobby Lobby awhile ago. I had painted over the picture with black paint because I wanted to recreate it somehow, but just never got around to doing anything with it. When I saw this project, I knew it was the perfect base. You could also use a cheap canvas or some other background that will stand up on its own. Or you can frame it. Whatever you want, really!

  • Elmer's Glue, a small paper plate, & a small paint brush & scissors & tape (double sided preferable but regular works, too).

  • Glitter. Go figure. I used gold. You can use whatever color.
See how easy this is already?

Okay, so gather all your supplies and then carefully cut out your deer head printable so you have just the shape of the deer left.

Use tape to center and affix the deer head to your background. If you have regular tape, just make a little loop with it and attach it to the back of the cutout.

Trace around the deer head cutout. I used a pencil which showed up nicely on the black wood background. If you have a different background, you might need to use something bolder. No worries - you can cover it with glitter!

Remove the cutout once you've finished tracing. Pour a little bit of glue out onto a plate and use your paint brush to apply glue inside the lines. Try to do a small area at a time and then pour a little bit of glitter on top. Be generous! You can shake it off and reuse later.

Continue gluing and glittering until you've covered the entire silhouette. I had to add more glue and glitter in some of the smaller, tricky areas. No worries - once it's dry you will not be able to tell that you added more glue on top of it.

Here's the finished product! I love it!

Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment!