#aHeartFitFriday Why Work Out?

I'm linking up with the lovely (seriously, she is lovely) Erika for #aHeartFitFriday!

This week, as I've been slaving away in the kitchen making sure we have plenty of protein and veggies available to us so we don't cheat on our Whole30, I've also been perusing the Internet for recipe ideas. 

I found myself on Pinterest, which sometimes I hate because it is like temptation overload.  But sometimes I love because there are some really great ideas! 

This time, I noticed that there are a lot of unhealthy ideas floating around on Pinterest about working out and motivation, etc. I've noticed really gross and revealing pictures of women in sports bras and skimpy spandex shorts with crazy phrases written on them like "Your whole workout is my warm up." All sending the message..."you should work out because you need to look like this." 

It makes me sad and a little sick, honestly. Sorry, but in order to look like that, I would have to spend months doing really unhealthy things with my body and nutrition, and that's just really not what I'm going for. 

I work out because it makes me feel better. It gives me energy! It makes me do something that requires discipline and hard work - which is good for my mind as well as my body. I like feeling like I'm gaining strength and endurance.  

I also found this little pic on Pinterest and thought, "now that's more like it!" Let's remember that we have lives that are purchased at a great price and bodies are our temples of the Holy Spirit. We have a responsibility to have healthy, God-honoring perspective about our approaches to fitness. Remember that there are much more important things than looking "hot" to the world.